Egu re Gu (play)

Egu re Gu (play)

She felt his cold hands on her bare arm, she was sure he could see the smooth outline of her back from the transparent nightgown she’d worn to bed.

She knew when he came back, he’d been speaking lowly, no doubt into his phone, the maids had all gone home so it was just the both of them all alone in their big house.

She knew when he stopped talking ang began to whistle, a low, melodious tune of Oliver De Coque’s ‘ oma obi dia’, that’d almost lulled her to sleep- if she hadn’t felt so awake.

She heard him when he stripped off and walked to the bathroom, She had heard the water crashing against his hard black as coal skin, as he made shivery sounds due to it’s coldness. And She heard him, as he ran his honey coloured towel around his dripping body.

He was tracing his fingers up and down the length of her arm; up down, up down, the careful movements tingled and tickled, but it didn’t bring forth a laugh as it normally would.

“ke du ebi si abia?” Where are you coming from, she asked , her face still turned away.

His fingers siffened, then relaxed in a flash, he was tracing two fingers upward when he answered her.

” I was at Nebus'” He said simply.

The silence that ensued them was like a dark blanket, choking their throats, each had something to say……. But the silence just wouldn’t let them, someone had to thaw the heavy silence.

” And how is Nma?” She said, her tone sounding louder than a whisper.

” She is fine, o dinma, sent her greetings to you”.

” Is she that beautiful?” The question she asked, took him slightly aback, but then this was she, who cared more about other people than herself.

” yep” he chirpily replied,taking his hand from her arm and resting it on her thigh.

” Did she tell you if she has a job?”

” No, I spoke with Nebu, much more than I did with her” She sensed his uneasiness now, because he took his hand away, kissed her nape, then turned the other way.

” Well, when next you see her, tell her to look for something to do, oghe yen aka” It will help.

He said nothing, and at that moment, She felt oblivion offering her a hand, but before she took it, she smiled – affirmitive that She’d gotten to him, sure that She’d told him she knew the other woman, and that in minced words , She had told him that he  wasn’t at Nebus’.

Because a few minutes after he left that morning, She’d invited them over………….

2 thoughts on “Egu re Gu (play)” by Nelson c.j (@Chetty)

  1. Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

    She’s not happy at all or feeling smart, she’s heartbroken. I wish you’ld let us know how it ends.

  2. Nelson c.j (@Chetty)

    Hi thanks for reading. Think of it as a bitter sweet, victory.

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