Beautiful Wings – (2)

“She’ll be fine Chief and Mrs Olakitan, there’s nothing you should worry your head about.” The doctor who had attended to Lara explained to both parents immediately he stepped out. “She’s lucky she didn’t cut a major blood vessel or you would have lost her. By tomorrow morning, she’ll be able to come home with you.”

Sumbo sighed. She wasn’t ready to lose her only baby girl just a few months before her wedding. She wondered what had gotten into the girl’s head. Mabel explained that she’d been upset about something in particular and cut herself but she didn’t believe it.

She suspected it had to do with her future son-in-law but she wasn’t going to tell Chief about it. He would boil over and ensure Soji was miserable for the time being.

“Can we see her now?”

“She’s been sedated but you can check on her briefly.”

“Thanks so much Dr Philips. We’re glad that this isn’t more than we can handle. I do hope you can come to the house time to time to keep checking on her. You’re the only one I trust my life and that of my children with, I’m sure you know that by now.”

He nodded knowingly. “Of course Chief. I know how precious Lara is to you and she’s precious to me as well.” He removed his glasses to clean them. “I would just like to advise that you keep a good eye on her so she doesn’t repeat this ‘mistake’ again.”

“Are you saying my daughter was trying to commit suicide?”

“Well, I won’t call it suicidal tendencies…” Dr Philips glanced briefly at Mrs Olakitan and was able to decipher that she didn’t want the suicidal word leaked to her husband. Over the years he’d come to know each and every member of the Kitan’s but Lara was also his special jewel. He was only ‘too old for her’ as she’d put it one day.

“I think it could be depression. Anything can lead to depression. Bad news, feeling of loneliness, betrayal and so many other things. I think it’s when Lara wakes up that we will be able to tell what happened. It’s not an established theory yet.”

There was deep frown seated on Chief’s brows before he stood up and his wife joined him.

“Thank you Doctor. We’ll be seeing our daughter now.”

Lara blinked her eyes open and saw a pair of brown eyes staring back at her. She’d heard voices of her parents piercing through her dream but this wasn’t her father or mother.

This was a much more familiar face, the one she’d been hoping to show up, the one she’d cut her wrist for. She had told herself that if she didn’t see him, she would do all she could to get him. He belonged to her. Not Aisha, the snake of the girl or anybody else.

“Lara…” His voice greeted her and she felt her body grow warm and alive. This was what Soji did for her and to her. He made her glad she was alive, he made her want to be a woman over and over again. Her friends saw this and were jealous of her. They knew what the two of them were about and wanted to separate them. She’d seen them eyeing him and saying over and over again how lucky she was to have Soji to herself. With his dashing handsome features and eyes that brought a woman to her knees, it was no surprise. He was sensitive to her feelings and loved her. He’d chosen to marry her, no one else.

And she was going to use everything within her to fight for their love.

“I’m sorry…” He sobbed kneeling beside her bed and placing his head on her stomach. “Why would you do that to yourself? Were you planning on giving me a heart attack? I can’t do without you and you know this…”

She nodded, her eyes stinging with tears and reaching to hold his head and stroking his back soothingly the way she often did when they were alone and they were both spent after sex.

They were like that for a while before he spoke up. “About Aisha, she was the one who tempted me. I swear on my life I wouldn’t touch her but she came on me all of a sudden and I didn’t know what to do…”

“It’s okay…” Her suspicions that their affair turned relationship could threaten her marriage resurfaced but she chose to ignore it for now. Mabel had told her enough that she needed to know. Her mind had already begun calculating.

He looked up at her. “Have you forgiven me?”

She smiled, her mind thinking of what she was going to do with her best friend turned arch enemy. “I haven’t told Daddy just in case you’re wondering.”

He seemed to heave a sigh of relief and though she noticed it, she ignored it, allowing him kiss her when he leaned close. She pulled him in and reached for his jacket allowing him take a space beside her on the hospital bed.

When he came up for air, he breathed looking at her knowing her intentions. He reached for her hands the moment they started working on his buttons.

“We can’t do this here, what about the doctor, and the other patients, anybody can walk in on us or hear us…,besides are you strong enough for this?” He looked at her slit wrists which had been stitched and back at her like she was crazy.

She smiled again and got up from the bed heading for the door so she could lock it. When she faced him, she pulled off her hospital gown and went to join him.

He didn’t resist her this time.

Soji was driving back home when his phone rang. Recognizing the caller ID, he hesitated planning to say he was on the road but the person had been calling and he’d been giving excuses. He hadn’t even picked her call.

He’d better receive the call and be done with it.

“Hello Aisha.”

“Soji I’ve been calling you for the past 3 hours and you refused to pick my calls. Are you trying to avoid me?”

“My fiancee is in the hospital because of us and this is what you call me for? That I’m not picking your calls. Look we have to stop this. My wedding is in a few months time and the last thing I want is this happening. It has to end Aisha, this thing between us. I keep telling myself I can’t see you again but you just keep hanging around. Lara is your best friend. Why are you doing this to her, to us?”

“Because she doesn’t deserve you Soji! I do.” She was sobbing over the phone. “She always gets what she wants, she can get any guy she wants. I saw you first and she snatched you away from me. It’s not fair!”

He sighed. What had he gotten himself into. One woman was enough to give him a headache and now 2? Aisha was as persistent as Lara. The two women were indeed birds of the same feather.

Lara had the upper hand with her manipulations. She knew the role her parents played in getting him an employment and though she wouldn’t admit it, she knew he would come running back to her and if Chief ever got to hear about it, he was going to be ruined. All he had ever worked for was going down the drain.

Not that his job was the reason why he’d loved her, but they were madly in love and Lara wasn’t going to give up on him even when he thought they were not going to have a chance because of her background. Lara had pushed being the kind of girl she was and the next day, he’d gotten a letter indicating he was to resume as a branch manager.

No interview, no aptitude test, nothing!

His days of aptitude tests and settling for less was over. He had excitedly resigned from the auditing company he’d been working with when he was presented with a generous monthly salary.

His mind flashed back to the moment he told Lara about it and how she’d jumped on him excitedly.

“Oh baby, you don’t know how happy I am.” He’d squeezed her and rolled with her on the rug kissing her all over her face. “But you know you shouldn’t have, whatever you did that is.”

“I didn’t do anything…” She feigned innocence stroking his matted beard playfully.

“You better confess.” He nibbled her chin as his hands strolled underneath her arms so he could tickle her.

She giggled and tried fighting her way out from his grip playfully. “Nooooo, please noooo.”

He tickled her senseless and kissed her. “Are you ready to talk, I promise I’ll make you glad you’re mine.”

“I just talked to a few friends of my Dad about it and told them you had potential.”

He blinked. “What?”

She frowned. “Why are you suddenly upset?”

He stood up from her and sat up on the floor. “Does your father know about this?”

“I didn’t want him to know but he found out at the end of the day. C’mon Soj, there’s nothing wrong in handing over your CV to the right hands.”

“What did they take from you?” He spat.

She shrunk back shocked at his suggestive statement. “What do you mean by that? Are you trying to call me a slut?”

“Those perverts would always want something in return…”

She slapped him hard and pushed him away from her. Picking up her blouse from the floor, she threw it on and tried to hurry out of his apartment but he caught her back in time and jerked her to face him.

“Let go off me!” She screamed but he pinned her to the door and kissed her. When she weakened, he broke free and looked into her eyes. “I’m sorry baby, I shouldn’t have said that…”

“You’re a jerk Soj, a stupid, good for nothing idiot!” She allowed him to kiss her again till she could do nothing but kiss him back. When he lifted her from the ground, he knew he’d have her.

They fought, broke up and made up in the 3 years they’d been together. It wasn’t a new thing but Lara cutting herself was. He hoped her parents would not investigate as to why she’d cut herself or he’d be doomed.

Whatever he had with Aisha was a fling, together with whatever hopes or promises she was clinging to. Aisha could go to hell in places where Lara and his job were concerned.

“I’ve got to go. I’m on the road.” He snapped.

“I’m pregnant Soji. Let’s see how Lara is going to feel about me carrying her fiance’s baby.”

And she hung up.

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