They used to tell us to never speak.
Conceal our voices and lower our gazes.
Our heads turned into coconuts; with liquid memories inside
Memories of when our mothers screamed and our fathers laughed.
Laughing with tobacco spilling on the ground..

Bury your heads and keep mute!
For we are the head of the nursing cows.
Give milk and hand us back the infants
For they are too fragile to be infected!

No, this can’t continue like a flowchart
We are going to solve it with algorithms.
Raise your heads and speak out
Spread your coconuts in the sun and solidify them;
They are our agents of shield.

Now we chew and spit tobacco on ourselves,
Finally! We are equal.

6 thoughts on “Arise” by Somorin Simbiat (@Sima)

  1. I’m clapping for you the author of this great poem, for the authority, passion, truthfulness and motivation spilling from each stanzas. I am truly happy.

    1. Thank you very much..I appreciate it

  2. Nice piece, love it

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