Poem Image: Unending Love Note

Unending Love Note.


I write on a leafy note

with an ink that prints

out my thoughts



My words of love,

spread affectionately

in colorful fonts

expressing my unmatched desire

to pitch the best spot on your heart


I write my words,

thinking neither right nor left

but with beaming smiles and eyes

seeing you in each pages,

of alphabets arranged in lines

as I paste my emotions in letters


I write of you

Of an imperfect smiles

yet beautiful for a queen and a wife

Innocent looks melting my harden heart

With soft touches like cold water

Splashed on tender body

A blessing to my soul


I have written

And won’t be my last

we have futured this together

Even as we grow with kids

and build a larger family

I will still put words on paper

sharing the odds and even

moments of our days together


I will write as our sons

becomes good husbands

I will still write as our daughters

becomes virtuous wives

This ink doth not fade even as we age

to see many grand children

and watch as the little ones play

my words will be unending

In this, unfinished note



This note wont get filled up

as we spend our mornings

and nights,

spending them in wellness

and wealth

and as life walks away

beyond our footsteps

my darling, even to our old graves

you will still be the queen

that sets my passion on fire

to write this unfinished note.


2 thoughts on “Unending Love Note.” by lawore olufemi (@laworemike)

  1. Easily said than done
    After having two kids
    Couples soon forget the sweet promises
    He blames her, she blames him
    Till the problem goes beyond fixing…..
    Bravo for tis excellent delivery

  2. Nice poem. It is something to aspire to. As we all know, life happens and the husband and wife who at the beginning could not go a mere couple of hours without seeing each other, often grow apart and the union looks nothing like it was at the beginning.

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