Under the Sun

You cannot see me;
But, I can see you!
I scorch you with my stare during the day
Boil you to steam at night.
You run out into the dark to carry out your ominous act
Hidden from mortal glare
In a dark silhouette before the dull moonlight.
What you don’t know is that-
– the light actually belongs to me.

* * *

This is a tale by moonlight.
A tale of five happy friends, or are they?
Innocent Face, Eye Balls, Golden Teeth, Chubby and, well, there’s the fifth one.

They click their glasses together, flashing their best smiles that reflect to and fro the glacial surfaces. Innocent Face just made a marriage proposal to his long time companion, Eye Balls.
To Eye Balls, the week just gets crowned after she got a job earlier.
As the couple lock their lips in a kiss, Golden Teeth steals a look at Chubby who turns all red; a broad smile exaggerating her round face.
The fifth one doesn’t miss the moment too as she jumps on Golden Teeth, rubbing herself all over him.
They all look perfect together, come rain; come shine…or do they?

* * *

To Golden Teeth’s neighbors, moaning sounds have been a disturbing ringtone for the past few nights.
They can tell its the same girl, as the sound has become too familiar but no one dare complains, nor can anyone peep to know the identity of the girl- “You don’t want to be bitten by a golden teeth” is a common slang in the neighborhood.

* * *
Innocent Face’s neighbors are becoming concerned about the noise they hear from his apartment every night. He has been the respectful and easy-going type since he moved in two years ago. Until few weeks back, just when he is about to settle down.
Everyone in the neighborhood knows and already counts down to the day he will take the lucky girl to the altar. Alas! The surprise that hit them whenever they hear Innocent scream,

“I said I cannot marry you…Yes, I promised to, but I don’t love you again!”

* * *

”Please, I cannot continue doing this. One day someone will see us.”

Golden Teeth smirks at her response to his invitation. He wishes she can see his eyes turning red, but his voice betrays his mood as he replies softly over the phone,

”It will do you good to come here right now. I don’t know why your priority is so misplaced. What should concern you shouldn’t be what someone will see one day,”

he can hear her heart beating fast,

” but rather what I will say of what I know….right now. It’s just a call away.”

He drops the call, and he knows those words are enough to set her on her feet and spring her to his place again. He moves to the window and draws the curtain as he stares deep into the moon lighten night, anticipating her coming. Then, he screams,

”Go to hell neighbors!”

* * *

“Even if you don’t care about me anymore, you should care for what we made together. I’m coming this night again,”

she is crying over the phone while Innocent has beads of salty water line his whole body like a sweating soda in a cold freezer.

“Don’t bother coming…I will come over now.”

With a shaky voice and trembling hands, he ends the call. Innocent decides to spare the neighbors another sleepless night, as he steps out, together with his shadow, into the moonlight.

* * *

Innocent knocks at the door as he waits for her to open.
The wait isn’t long at all, as Chubby opens the door for him to come in.

”What was that joke about you being pregnant for me?” Innocent demands.

”Are you coming in or not?” Chubby holds the door still.

Innocent steps in and goes straight into her kitchen.

”It’s not joke dear. The baby is three months.” She replies as she joins him in the kitchen.

”You have to take it out” He says so innocently as he fiddles with a knife he finds on the kitchen wall.

”No, I cannot take another person’s life. I cannot!”

Suddenly, he drives the knife into her belly. He doesn’t even leave a space for her to scream other than the surprise that appears on her face. Even the surprise blinks out with her breath as he twist the knife counter-clockwisely. He doesn’t leave her until he is sure Chubby and anything that bears life within her are gone.

* * *

Moaning mixes with tears this night, as Golden drives in and out of Eye Balls.
She thinks she should have told her fiance, Innocent, about the one night affair she had with her boss without which she wouldn’t have gotten the job she has now.
The knowledge of which comes to Golden through a friend of his that knows another friend that knows another friend that works at her place.
How long will this remain a secret between her and Golden? As long as she continues to sleep with him? As long as no one else knows? Or does any?

Oh! The fifth one!

The most patient of the five friends. She co-habits with Golden, and the noisy moans never disturb her sleep.
But on this night, the sleep shows not, maybe it is because of some headache or other malady her kind feels. She steps away from her cubicle to go into Golden’s bedroom, probably to signal to Golden and the girl to take it easy.
On getting there, in that knowing moment, her hypnotic greenish round eyes meet with Eye Balls’ orgasmic and seductive brown eyes. And the world stands still. But all the fifth one can do is to protest with a,


Afterall, she’s just a cat!

6 thoughts on “Under the Sun” by Oluwaseun Ojegoke (@ojestar)

  1. I almost was lost at the middle, because of the character mix up. I like the twist though, especially with the cat

    1. Good you didn’t get lost…#smile. Thanks for reading dear.

  2. Uh ……… Nice. I guess….

  3. Lol ………Thanks. I guess….

  4. This was an interesting perspective. Reminds me of those lovely story formats I hardly see anymore these days, with their “old man road” , “mother evil-eye” and “kwasi-see-but-keep-silent” type of characters. Usually, the names in these kinds of stories are a reflection of the nature of the character, or some habit they possess, but I guess you just used yours as place holders for characters’ names.

    It was a sad-ish, but fun read. The cat bit was priceless!

  5. @anakadrian Your comment is priceless and cherished. I’m glad you find it interesting. Thanks.

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