Two Poems

To Kemi:;

while recession is just a word
a mother protests from stall to stall
unable to find a fair bargain:
a boy learns to write in the mud
till some dizzying spell lulls him to lassitude;
a father slouches home at noon
carrying sadness on his shoulders;
and our nations liberators swim the sea
of English lexicon for a word that is not just a word

Like A Wind.

I was bitten by a snake
And I became a snake
A dark,slithering reptile
Alive and cold

I was crushed
By the giant wheels of a raging monster
But I emerged from the melee
Smiling and soulless

I was cast into a den
To fraternize with angry,hairy lions
And when you searched for my bones
I had become a lion

You think of what devices
To send me tumbling down the precipice of life
But you never know
That I am the wind

3 thoughts on “Two Poems” by Mr. Russell (@victoreyo)

  1. Wow… Lovely. I love both poems. Especially the second.
    ‘I was bitten by a snake
    And I became a snake’

    I believe the idea is Transformation as a result of hurt. A broken hearted person usually turns on others and breaks their heart.

    Nice piece. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. Pure and original. Me likey!

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