The Underdog Dindy (story Of Dindy)

The Underdog Dindy (story Of Dindy)

Please do not share without talking to me personally and asking for permission, thank you for reading this story…
This story is a true life story of how I (DINDY A.K.A NNAMDI) grew to the level you now see, the Dindy you know now was nothing to the history of google, I was dust to life. I had no hopes in life, I had no goals, I was hopelessly hopeless with no idea where I was going or heading or landing. I had no achievement in life.
Things were all upside down for me, things were not working out for me. I do not understand my aim of existence, all my directions were pointed to the negative side of life.
Now let me take you guys back to when I was just Nnamdi by name, when I was an ordinary boy that woke up every morning angry with life and where it kept me.
It all really started by December 2015 when I started reading stories on WhatsApp. Deep within me; as i read the stories, i saw it was not hard writing a story –All you need are the right scenes, action and reaction, suspends –, but I never really dug into my ability fully at that time.
My first ever writing was a new years write up about 2015 and 2016 which never really went anywhere because it was only published on WhatsApp and facebook (I think). That was how my life was then but changed when January 2016 began.
In the beginning of this year (January) i was tired and frustrated of life, I had plans of entering into school for the past two years (which went by fast), but it all came to nothing.
I was so angry because I saw myself going no where in life, but one day on the third week of January everything changed for me, my talent refused to hide under my skin.
It was a normal day for me, I was sent on an errand; to look and ask for the price of an item within the area where I work –I’m still working tho, don’t stop one and loose the other you might end up regretting it, double your hustle fans–, that was where my first inspiration came from.
I watched on Tv (which was in the office I went) how a man was praised because he had money, name and power. As I kept my mind focused, it lead me to writing my first write up “POWER” and after that I wrote two more –That I can’t remember because they were formatted from the blackberry bold 2 I used to type them–, I also wrote about “A WOMEN” and some other inspirational write ups which can now be found on google (Thanks alot google!!).
I kept on writing write-ups with the blackberry bold 2 I used then and posting them on whatsapp only, until February 2016 when I decided to write my first ever story “NIGHTMARE” (which is very scary). That was how my ability to write stories came to existence.
–“My president daughter and I by Vickky vames” kinda made me understand that writing a story is not so hard (after I read it last year 2015)–.
During the time I wrote “NIGHTMARE”, I suffered headaches because I had to think deep and hard to make it as scary as it is, and also because i was working and closing late from work. People showed me love when I posted it in groups and sent it to people on whatsapp.
When one of my aunty read it, she told me that it was too deep and I should not write such a thing again, but I never stopped, I never listened to her because I knew where I was going to.
My big sis (Chioma) never for one day doubted me, she supported me from the start, my best friend (Faith) believed in me and supported me. As time went on, people from the group on whatsapp, started talking to me about the story which made me smile.
After “NIGHTMARE” I wrote “RAPE” a true life story which happened to a friend of mine, people loved the story more than “NIGHTMARE” pushing me to another level on whatsapp. I faced another set of headaches writing “RAPE”, I had to talk to the girl it happened to and then break down all that happened to her. It was one of my challenges when I started writing stories.
After I wrote “RAPE” story I started another story which was “I MISS YOU MUM”, that story was loved by few groups and people I sent it to on whatsapp, and facebook friends. It gave me hard time finishing the story because of the little time I had to write stories.
I never stop any of my ability for the other; I never stopped writing inspirational write ups for story writing. As of that time, my hands and brain were only strong enough to write only inspirational write up and stories, but I forced more on story writing –Now I can write stories, poem, write up, jokes…..anything writable..:D–.
Things were going fine and well for me as a junior writer but I faced challenges from people who didn’t believe in what I do, some people (in groups) didn’t like my story, some didn’t believe I wrote it myself (but I never cared).
The next story I wrote was “THE SORRY LETTER”. After I wrote that story, I wrote “THE PEN”. “THE PEN” story made people around me from my aunt who told me to stop, to my big bro who wasn’t so interested in my ability.
They all saw the creativity in me when “THE PEN” was written, I also gat alot of complement from people who read it on whatsapp –Even when I later posted it online, i got complemented on the story–, one of my friends told me that I wrote it as if I was a Pen myself, I laughed and said “Thanks”.
Posting stories (back then) on whatsapp, was very hard for me because I had many people who read it on whatsapp and I did it with a small phone.
A guy named Elvis told me to post my stories on some website, but I didn’t want to do so because I was afraid It would be stolen, and I never fully believed I could be called a writer, he also connected me to Vicky Vames who was nice and cool (unlike me who is crazy and over crazy).
Vickky Vames gave me advice on how to write and post stories online (which I kinda knew already), and also told me where I could post my stories. –It helped me kinda when I started posting stories on different websites.–
After two months later, my brain and ability started expanding widely, increasing my knowledge in writing bit by bit.
A guy, who usually post stories in groups (i was in), asked me where I got my stories from, I told him that I wrote them myself but he doubted me highly and laughed. I cared less of how he reacted because I knew I was the main man behind the story.
The month of june came and I entered into another up coming writer level, but still haven’t posted my works on websites, I wrote a story titled “ANGLES”. The story made people fear me, some said I wrote it like I was really an Angel myself –Well maybe I am :D ;) –.
Days later the same guy asked me whether he could post one of my stories on a popular website, I accepted, but I told him that i should be given the credit for it. –The guy posted it but did otherwise, will tell you guys how it went as we go further into the story.–
The month of July came, and that was when my four months of intense hustling online started, that was when I made up my mind to be on many websites as I could, just to avoid my works from being stolen.
the month of July, made me happy because I got my first “hello” on whatsapp, from a fan that got my number on a website I posted my stories. I was very happy and excited, me an ordinary boy having fans, it was something I never imagined not even for once.
The month of July was the beginning of stress and success online (I guess), the speed at which I wrote stories increased so did my fans, i got love from many fans and people around, especially my big sis and my best friend.
At that time i was just posting in two websites, which was not easy for me. I posted so fast that some of my fans were not able to keep up with the speed I posted.
One day in the month of July, a website owner told me that he would love for my stories to be shared on his site, I agreed willing because I never expected such a thing to happen in my life, me a boy that had nothing at all to hope for.
There came a day, I was searching on google for my stories, then i saw one of my stories.
–I do it time to time to know my status on google, and to also know the people stealing my stories, if you are one of them, beware I’m coming for you–.
When I opened the website it was linked to, I saw the name of the guy who I asked for my permission to post one of my stories months ago, I was very angry with him because he lied to the viewers who read it that he was the writer, trust me now, I expressed my anger to him and he said “SORRY”.
After the month of July, i decided to start sharing my stories more and more, I wanted more readers, which lead to another level of my writing and serious hard stress and headaches.
–Each time I write a stories or inspirational write ups or jokes, I end up having headaches, due to the intense thinking I put myself into. So please guys stop stealing my works because it took me time, pain and caused me headaches to write them. I go through all this stress because of you guys, not because of money (no one gives me money for my works, I goto work everyday to get money). Please try and appreciate what I do.–
–If you like, keep stealing my works, but don’t say I did not warn you, my hands are clean if anything happens to you.–
The month of August was more stressful because I took a break from writing stories, and forced heavily on posting my inspirational write ups, which leveled me up the bar of google and it made me more known. Headaches was at its peak because I was on 7 website posting and inspiring people with my write ups. I really went through heavy pains in my head, creating pictures for my write ups, and for written/unwritten stories.
Some people asked me how I got time to write all I wrote, I simply told them that I write with any little time I have –like seriously, I write anytime I’m free, like at home, in the office, in a bus or keke or car. Even when you see me, you won’t know it’s me—.
The month of August went with its stress, but it increased in the month of September. I edited some of my works, after being advised severely, when i posted it in a website I newly discovered.
I faced challenges, especially on facebook, when I asked some page admins to help me post my works, some accepted while some declined.
All the challenges I faced never brought me down, instead it made me discover another talent hidden in me and it also helped me improved very well, I started writing jokes –Story of my life; from write ups to story writing from that to jokes, to make am no easy–.
The jokes I wrote brought more fans for me and it also pushed me up the underdog ladder, I became popular (kinda) for my jokes. Although most people called my jokes lame and dry, I ignored them because i believed what will make A-Y laugh might not make Z laugh, and what will make Z laugh might not make A-Y laugh.
Now this present month of october, Dindy has become what you could call a post addict.
I now have reasons why I wake up, write, and post each day. I and my works can now be found on google –My people it’s the lord’s doing–.
I now can promote website, music, goods, people, in fact anything. I also help people to post their works.
Although I faced challenge in the beginning of this month, when I posted some of my new works on a website. My works were all thrown into trash.
When I saw it, I didn’t feel bad, instead I was like “I guess they don’t like the stories and jokes”.
It never bordered me in any way because I know that some day it won’t be trash any more.
I am still an underdog in the writing world, but I know bit by bit I will get there, what I need to have is patient –learn to be patient FANS–.
I am still working, hustling, carrying heavy things somewhere in lagos-Ikeja –Won’t tell you where, I don’t want someone to come to my shop and say “I’m looking for Dindy”, ehn my boss will kill me!!.#najoke–.
I wrote this story not because I wanna show off, but to inspire you, yes I mean you the reader, if I DINDY can move this far under the space of little time you can also do the same.
– Mr Naira Jokes.
– Mr Cool-Val.
– Mr AY.
– Mr More-Gist.
– Mr/Mrs Focuswap (I don’t know which one you are oo).
– Mr Naira-Land
– Mr Naija-Stories
– Facebook and every Page on Facebook that posted my works.
– My Sis (CHIOMA), Aunty (IFY), Friends and Best Friend (FAITH).
– All my fans for helping, supporting and loving me and my works.
Shout out to Microsoft for building an awesome windows phone, I love you guys!!!!.
Shout out to google for making me visible to the world, thanks alot google!!!.
I know some people will still complain about what I wrote, they will say “This boy is such a show off”, but I didn’t write this to show off in any way.
I wrote it to inspire other writers like me, I want them to believe in anything they do, I want them to never give up in life no matter what.
If DINDY can come this far within a short period of time, you can also do so, never ever stop doing what you are good at no matter what, no matter how people try to discourage you, NEVER GIVE UP………THE END…..BUT THE STORY CONTINUES IN REAL LIFE……MUCH LOVE FROM THE UNDERDOG DINDY AKA NNAMDI
If you wanna read any of my works online, you can simply search it on google, by writing “story by Dindy” or “write up by Dindy” or “jokes by Dindy”… You can call me CEO DINDY THE UNDERDOG…..[laughs]..:D.
contact me on
Whatsapp/Viber: 07087750433
Email: Facebook: Ossy andy Nnamdi
Skype: 07087750433
Twitter: @nnamdiossy
INSTAGRAM: @ossynnamdi

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  1. ” It all really started by December 2015 when I started reading stories on WhatsApp. ” and Plagiarism. Keep up the creative pen.

  2. SUPER THANKS!!!!!….:D

  3. Dear Dindy, you are a very good writer, I always admire your write ups and stories. we have a lot of similarities in the way we started. Hopefully one day I can write how I started also but am busy on a story set for January.
    Your creativeness is something I admire but I just have a word of advice for you, DON’T STOP LEARNING. (well it’s more than a word)


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