The Fear of 1k

The Fear of 1k



This is a true story.


So it was just a boring Wednesday afternoon and i needed to spice things up by seeing a movie at the cinema which happen to be one thousand naira with a free drink and popcorn. With one thousand naira and a few naira notes in my pocket, i walk to the movie ticket stand, glancing through the flyer for a movie that will interest me, suddenly i notice a not so tall girl standing beside me, with a smile on her face as she ask, “can I pick a movie for you?” with a smile on my face I added, “Let me make a guess” okay she said. So my first guess she nope it, then my second guess she yes it and added “AM SEEING THAT MOVIE” wow, am seeing that also I added, and again she smile. I turned to the ticket attendant and ask, please what is the time now, I ask, and when she told me the time, it was an hour ahead before the movie time. BTW, all my phones were dead. Then without continuing the conversation with the girl beside me, i walked away from her and I went to meself seat down far away from her, but i could still see her from where I was sitting. Why did I walk away from her without any further conversation? I seriously don’t know. I was shy and I was with only 1k which really freaked me out.  One hour was over in a very fast way, again, I went back to the ticket stand to purchase my movie ticket and then to the drink and popcorn stand to get my free drink and popcorn. There I was standing when i notice the same girl, sitting beside her was a girl and sitting opposite the two girls were two other guys which were busy staring into their phones, but the girl next to this unknown girl was staring at me, she gave me a serious fix stare that got me so confuse. I couldn’t wait to get my drink and popcorn so I could zoom inside the cinema hall. But i was confuse and lost, I couldn’t just stop thinking about the unknown girl and what came over me and what made me ended the conversation. To her may she feels I was proud but to me I was shy and scared of her having to know that I was with only one thousand naira for my own movie ticket. Did I do the right thing or was it childish of me to have walk away from the conversation. Oh my. And that was how my day ended up even been more miserable with thoughts of a strange girl and I sincerely regretted walking away.

2 thoughts on “The Fear of 1k” by Orah (@Orahsolz)

  1. Good concept, bad punctuation. The story was difficult to understand. Please try to edit properly next time.

  2. Good story, but not so well written. I will point out two errors that I think you can easily correct:

    Firstly, you did not use paragraphs, at all. Paragraphing makes writing look better and easier to read.

    Secondly, you wrote “AM SEEING THAT MOVIE” instead of “I’M SEEING THAT MOVIE.” Using ‘AM’ instead of “I’M” is a grave offense which, sadly, has become rife today.

    Lastly, I think you were right to have walked away from the girl. Nobody had a right to expect you to pay for her movie ticket.

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