The terror that flee at night
A devil that lurks in the mind
A call to the sales girl
Destiny wasted
A step in the dark room
Dungeon of setbacks.
A dream of a Doctor
Tuned down to a wanderer
Shattered through your hunger
Hunger for lust,rave,bad desires
A lasting scene
Called a father to the assaulted;
Will strike no cause
Grip and firm like Aargh!
Held down in captive with your evil fang
Oh! You forgot,they have a right
Devil is the new serpent like in Eden
That caused the inhumanly act
In the cause of revenge,plea,cries roll down faces
Thou art guilty of your callous crime
That day;you forgot
dirt on the sparkling edge of a plate
It departed eyes,mind and soul is involved
It is a wound that cannot be nursed

Rape is a social menace that should be curbed in the society,say NO to rape

2 thoughts on “Rape” by Muyiwa (@Muyiwa)

  1. Hey @Muyiwa I like your poem. It’s in the form/at of the ‘classic’ award-winners.
    You lost me after the first verse though, but I have the feeling it’s a great poem that makes plenty sense. If so, kudos!
    (If not, kudos all the same.)

  2. Title gave it all away. TOO bare. I did love the poem. LOVED the message.

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