My First Love Chapter One

My First Love Chapter One

“Pearl”!!! My mom yelled slightly from the sitting room of the three bedroom flat we lived in.
“Yes mom,I’m coming”I answered while leaving my bedroom. “This is the phone I bought for you”Mom stretched her hand out and smiled.
I really deserved a phone at my age 15….”Thank you Mom” I couldn’t stop thanking her and smiling of course- my very first camera phone after completing my secondary school education.. I said to myself.
I quickly started operating the phone while charging it.
Days gone by and I was already used the phone cos I’m very good at all those. I was already on 2go chatting and all. I got a lot of friends mostly guys but there was this very annoying guy that was always telling me while we chatted “brb,I want to bake”…..I found him annoying and a disturber of my better chats with other guys yet he still messaged me. There came a day where I was interested in his chats and that was how I fell in love with him-Kyle…..He became my Heaven on Earth,my everything I loved him like I’ve not loved myself. Kyle was 5 years older than me yet I didn’t care,he could read my mind and know what I’m about to say next.

I finally got admission into the university and I was excited…My Kyle My Life.He taught me everything I needed to know and we would hang out sometimes..

The Quit that affected my life
I caused it all,I made out with someone else and when he called me I told him what I did and he was angry and called it quits.I begged and begged cos I couldn’t imagine me falling in love with someone else apart from Kyle.That was it,were didn’t communicate for 4 years and I was in deep pain during those year. I couldn’t be in a relationship for more than a month or two and the highest was four months and it ended so badly.
“Sorry,but you sort of look familiar” a cool yet deep voice uttered at the back of my head. I instantly froze and turned to look at the person….. It was Kyle, I could recognise him anywhere. “K-y-le” I stuttered
“I knew you would know me, just that you are more beautiful than the way you used to be,My Little Princess”he cooed and that got me, I blushed like never
“I’m impressed bae”he whispered and spun me around
I was just so dumbfounded.

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  1. Nice one, the story got me going, but I cant find the rests. Pls help thanks

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