Just More!

Just More!

A kiss could be enough,
but we always want more,
an overdose and then,we get rough,
full of regret,our hearts go sour.

‘Our Father’ is too short,
we want God to hear,
unsure that prayer will reach his ear,
we want something longer and in the end, we pray not.

Give to us this day,our daily bread,
but we want just more than today’s,
saving for a day we might not live to face,
yet wanting more than just bread.

Today,we ask for tomorrow,
and tomorrow for next,
but God’s plan we must follow,
’cause God knows best.

Like an addiction,more leaves us wanting more,
We pretend to be tough,
but we can’t help it,’cause we want more and more of more,
The funny thing is that more is never enough.

…Life is but ephemeral,
and there’s not time for more,
in the short time that we’re living,
Let our lives make a meaning.

2 thoughts on “Just More!” by Jaynipha (@S@pph007)

  1. Yes, I got the message. We should make life count. Always.

    Well done writer

  2. Thank you for reading and for your comment.I appreciate.

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