irony of life

irony of life

IRONY OF LIFE! (strange but true…)

1. The lawyer hopes you get in trouble
2. The doctor hopes you get sick
3. The police hopes you become a criminal
4. The teacher hopes you are born stupid
5. The landlord hopes that you don’t build a house
6. The prostitute hopes you don’t marry
7. The dentist hopes that your teeth decays
8. The mechanic hopes that your car breaks down
9. The coffin-maker wants you dead
10. Only a thief wishes you prosperity in Life!

Abeg Hug a thief next to you!
Don’t laugh alone send to frndz n get smiles for the day. Cheers!!!…

2 thoughts on “irony of life” by Sen.Gin (@Sen.Gin)

  1. Hilarious! We’re all thieves.

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