I Miss You Mum (story By Dindy)

I Miss You Mum (story By Dindy)

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“Junior! junior! junior!….. won’t you wake up and goto school!?”, shouted my dad.
“ooooooo why is this man disturbing me like this, why can’t he just leave me alone forever”, I said grumbling in a low voice.
“He never allows me to rest not even for a sec, I am so sick and tired of him in fact i wish I was not born by him”, I said with an angry face.
“If only my sweet mum was still around me, oh God I miss my mum so much, God you should have left my mum just for my sake”, i said looking downwards.
“I can still remember all those happy times I and my mum spent together”, I said remembering how things were when my mum was alive.
……..FLASH BACK……..
I am the first born/male child in my family, I was my mum’s favourite and my mum believed so much in me. She usually calls me her “superstar” and she never lets me out her sight.
Anytime my dad beats me up, she always consoles me, she protects me so much from my dad but I have always loved my dad more than my mum no matter how hard he treated me.
Let me tell you a little of how much my love for my dad is; one day my dad travelled for a week because he was invited for a program in a church (my dad is a pastor), you know how pastors and programs are like (you can never separate them). When he left I fell sick like really really sick all through the week, my mum never left my sight, she kept on feeding and giving me drugs (mehm those times were incredible for me). When he came back the sickness left me.
I always woke up every morning in peace when my mum was with me but now I wake up each morning with thoughts of how hard my dad will treat me. She usually dressed me up for school and fought with my dad sometimes just because of me–I think my dad was jealous because my mum shows me more love than she shows him– she usually listens to whatsoever I told her even if it was a childish thing or a dream or a future plan.
She gave me her full attention, she was my best friend but I never fully understood her love and care for me until she left me.
There was a day I sang one of p-square’s song-(busy body) in church; it was a wonderful and awesome sunday, I sat beside my mum as always (Like I told you my mum never lets me out her sight, I usually stay in the adult church instead of the children department, my mum never allowed me to go there not even for once because she did not want me to stay too far from her). My dad was (and still is) the head pastor of the church.
After preaching and closing the church service he went to his office to relax (I know it’s not easy for him because you will surely face both God, man, and the devil with his agents on the alter). When he went to his office to relax my mum went to meet the women for “women meeting” but before she left she gave me a kiss on the head which really brought out the excitement within me. She told one of the ushers who was about going to my dad’s office to take me there.
As I was walking with the usher a song started singing in my head, when we got there the usher took me inside.
The song was now very loud in my head (well I guess i knew the song so much because I usually hear the song in my school area like; everytime I goto school), suddenly the song found its way to my mouth then I started singing “with your busy body,busy body”. That was the only thing I knew how to sing in the song, my dad turned at me and took the cain which was under his large desk (he always keeps a cain there just in case i misbehave), as I saw the cain I ran but I was not faster than my dad, the cain met with my back as I reached for the glass door (oh it hurts so much) and made a step out side, another met with my head which made tears came out by fire by force.
I cried as I ran towards the children department side, luckily for me people were there to help me from been badly beaten by my dad, my dad left me (after people begged for me) and went back to his office angrily saying “I don’t know where you are heard that non sense worldly songs from”, he said other things but I did not hear him because he was at the door of his office and I was between the children department and the assistant pastor’s office.
As I was crying my mum came and started petting me but I still felt the pain on my head and back………To be continue… “after I fall in love”.
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One thought on “I Miss You Mum (story By Dindy)” by Dindy (@Dindy)

  1. Engaging, I felt i was peeking into the secret diary that is the mind of a child.

    to not at (turned at me)
    cane not cain
    outside not ‘out side’
    come not came (made tears came)
    being not been

    Now looking for the 2nd episode

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