Her Smile

Her smile is brighter than a supernova,
Her smile’s the only thing that can calm my anger,
The way her lips spread into a crescent,
Makes me oblivious to my environment.

Her smile is a photographer’s delight,
It always lights up my night,
‘Cause it radiates happiness nd fullness of life,
It hides so much pain ‘nd strife.

But her smile began to grow weary,
The pain became too much to bear,
As she lay sick in the infirmary,
All I could see in her eyes was fear.

I could remember that cold night,
When she smiled at me for the last time,
It felt like it was going to be alright,
Until her heart gave up for d first time.

Her smile was all I could remember,
As she was lowered deep into the ground,
But I know she’s somewhere happier,
And that gives me joy profound.


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