God’s Gifts(My thoughts on paper)

God’s Gifts(My thoughts on paper)

My thoughts on a calm Friday morning.

When people stop living life,stop chasing their dreams and they say it’s because they want to ‘make heaven’ it kind of baffles me. What baffles me even more is when people go ahead living their lives without letting God be a part of it and they boldly say-‘I am an atheist’ An atheist! seriously?? I mean did you just fall from the sky? Who put you in your mother’s womb? That ‘being-an-atheist-reason’ is such a lame excuse for not acknowledging God in one’s life. Personally, I think serving God doesn’t stop you from chasing your dreams. Come to think of it, it is God who gives us those dreams, talents, gifts, potentials, call it whatever you like! A gift shouldn’t be left unwrapped, a dream is a mystery that should be unravelled, a code to be deciphered, a talent is a blessing to be shared with others. God wouldn’t be happy if we refuse to discover our gifts, potentials, talents, on the account that we are ‘serving Him’. What better way is there to serve God than to unwrap those gifts He has blessed us with and utilize them fully? For in being fully conscious that we have been blessed with gifts, we become conscious of God’s presence in our lives and we therefore acknowledge Him who gave them to us.

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