George In The Jungle

George In The Jungle

George’s thought on how to escape from Auntie Kate’s slaps was aroused when he heard the sound of her car approaching the compound. So he kept thinking and wished the act of slapping him would stop that day, but nothing positive seemed to reflect through his mind, and as soon as she step in, he would be receiving hot slaps as usual.  The slap he usually received was one that could make a young boy go mad, and it has been a daily routine for his aunt, who never thought that what she was doing could bounce back on her.   He thought to himself:

“I will go mad if this continue.  In fact, I’m really confused, I must do something before it becomes late”.

He thought of running away, but he has no hiding place.  His father and mother died in a ghastly automobile accident when he was just 8, and since then he has been staying with Auntie Kate.  Auntie Kate was the elder sister to George’s mother.  She adopted him exactly when his Parents died.

George was still in dilemma when she arrived. Though he was lost in thought and didn’t notice the lady’s presence.  So, she thought of giving him a compliment-slap;


‘I knew it’, was what came out of the boy’s mouth.

 ‘What do you know?’  She asked.

‘I know that I’ll be receiving heavy punch of slap from you when you come back and…’  He did not finish before she cut-in:

‘Shut up your dirty mouth, you haven’t seen anything yet.  I will make sure your cheeks turn blue-black before I let go’.

As she spoke, the young boy ponder on what to do to his auntie because he thought that it was going to be over that day, and he couldn’t take the insult any longer; as he has been receiving slaps for couple of years now.  His mood communicated to the lady that something would happen.  She quickly vacated the scene because, it was America.

Her recent fears was that George was going to call the corps but the opposite was the case. The poor boy began to conceive evil thought against his aunt.

‘Should he poison her or strangle her to death’?

Such was what was going on in his mind because his aunt has done more than enough to him.  Initially, she promised to be take good care of him and also help him complete his higher schooling in one of the best schools in Georgia.

Often, he thought of joining the jungle boys, so that his life would change.  But he has no one to introduce him to the jungle fraternity.

One cool evening, George was taking a work through the ‘field of cattle’ behind his house, when he met a troop of jungle boys and decided to make a step towards them because, he really needed to be a member of the said group.  The jungle boys was a branch-based group of bad boys, who hang around the street each moment of the day and night, and caused problems.  This sect was one that tormented people around the city and was unquestionable, even by the police.  These boys were capable of doing anything to anyone without sympathy.  Moreover, they have connections with the government officials and even though they happen to be arrested, just an hour would speak to their release. So, they were really jungles of the city.

“Hey boy!’ kizzo called George.

 ‘Hey friend!’ George reciprocated.

‘Why are you staring at us, the jungles?’ said the other.

 With a welcoming smile he replied; ‘I so much love you guys and cannot take my eyes off your fashion’

 ‘That’s great! ‘So, what’s your plan for us?

‘I want to join’, was George’s reply.

 Kizzo was amazed because, there was a reward for anyone who brought new members, and such person would be upgraded with a plus-one star; which means that the said person would be elevated to a position of being respected by other members.  Moreover, the said member would no longer be seen as a junior member, and some money would be paid to him every month end, from the monthly dues payment.  And the young man would be having George be his boy if everything work out for good. He decided to get to work.

The next evening,  Kizzo introduced George to the fraternity and they made it known to him that the most important requirements to be a part of the house is to answer the call of the movement, as it was one that didn’t  have a particular place or headquarters.  Also, he has to forget all about his family and would never be a part of them again, but that of the brotherhood; which have sisters’ fraternity from the ladies-jungle.  The rules were hard to follow.  But fortunately for George, he has no family and doesn’t consider his only Aunt a family.  In fact, he made up his mind to be a jungle-boy.  Another rule was that he must be at least 17 years of age and must also pay monthly dues of 50 dollars, which would be consecutively earned from robbery.  George did not think twice, but immediately concurred to the orders of the brotherhood, as he was now 18 years old and thought that he could take full responsibility of whatever it might cost him.

The next day was his initiation into the household of the brotherhood. During the initiation process, he was made to bring one of his aunt’s personal belongings in order to give and take.  The outcome was such that after the initiation, his aunt would die. Because, he was to be fortified from any danger in place of his aunt’s life.  This was not told to him at the initial time.  But here came the revelation. Though, he gave them his aunt’s handkerchief; which was burnt after the recitation of certain incantations. George went home happily, haven been fortified and joined the jungle fraternity.  His aunt noticed some changes in his characters and decided to call the corps on him.  George was arrested and found wanting by the jungle brothers, who asked him to come for confirmation the day after the initiation.  Unfortunately, he was nowhere to be found.  One of Police officers in the station, who was also an old jungle recognized George to be a member of the house with the jungle mark on his left elbow. He quickly called the chairman and informed him about the goings on.  At the moment, the chairman made arrangements with his boys who went to his rescue.

Three days that should confirm the death of Auntie Kate came and gone, yet nothing happened, and she was becoming more thorough in wickedness with George.  It was indeed a great surprise and disappointment to the young man, in that he was promised that his Aunt would die exactly three days’ time.  Auntie Kate noticed that his nephew was a jungle and no wonder he felt no pain of her torture again.  She plotted to kill him, before it become the other way round.  She did this because, she was a member of the female jungle and was fully aware of what the male jungle was capable of.  She knew that George must have been planning for her death.

 George was supposed to be kidnapped by the troop that his aunt arranged. But due to his connections with the jungle, he was spared. One of the kidnappers was also a jungle and found out that the young man was his own jungle-brother and he couldn’t do anything.  The executors narrated everything to him, and how his aunt paid them to assassinate him.

He was becoming very wild in the games of the jungle and had earned three stars which made him one of the chairmen of the fraternity.  This time, Auntie Kate feared him so much that she had to vacate the house and went on house rent in an apartment.  Soon after George got the 5th rank, he was nicknamed George in the jungle, in that he became the chairman of the jungle, one of the final bus stops and the heartbeat of the brotherhood.

He got everything a man would wish to get, but was seen engaged in the most dirty game in the town.  He now rubbed shoulders with the government, kidnapped whoever he wished to kidnap, got some money from them and even executed innocent souls.  One evening, he made his boys kill his auntie on her way back from work, because he had already sworn to do so.

His aunt’s husband came back from Africa and found out that his wife’s nephew has killed her and from that day, he rule against the young man.  The man had long legs in the white house.  His best friend was a close acquaintance to the President. As a result, he planned to pull the jungle members down through the President, which was the only power above the Jungles.  His plans were well appointed and arranged.

On a faithful evening, a weekend precisely, George was returning from the jungle meeting before some army from the white house opened fire on him.  Though, he was well guided by his boys who were also armed with assorted ammunition.  His boys exchanged bullets with the army.  For an hour, they were shooting each other at the middle of the town.  Their gunshots made people have their mid-day sleep without being told.  The jungles were defeated because the military men were stronger and the targeted person was shot and assumed dead.  But he woke up and found himself in the hospital bed, with pain all over him. He could neither speak nor move his body.  The pain he sustained was much that he needed not to speak to anyone at the moment.

After one month, he was discharged from the hospital and was kept safe until he fully recovered.  He abolished the fraternity of both the jungle brothers and sisters; because the sisters lived for the sake of the brothers.  Haven done that, he went to his aunt’s husband and apologized to him.  The man out of compassion forgave him and under one condition; which was to make restitution to the families of those he murdered.  He went on a public confession and also did all he was required to do.  Though, he saw no reasons to be alive, which made him commit suicide.  The next day told the story of his death on the jungle-tree.

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