Back to the Hood

Back to the Hood

I went back to the hood
That which once boasts of good
A stranger, not on this land
On my going, did I pack a sand?

I stepped back into the streets
The once bright eyed youths
Of fruits and future proclaimed
Now sucked dry into booze in booths. Whatever happened

I paid a visit to the village chief
Who once called the government thief
Agbada so big, I’d go missing in them
Pot-bellied and now unable to stand the anthem.

I said hi to an old friend
Who once told of a great bend
Telling of solutions and agitating them through
The will now lost. The day also lost wishing on a sober brew.

Send my regards to my old teacher
Of whips and specs placed low. Never bitter
Voice pitched high, strength to the drained train
Through which, motivated and educated. I lay no disdain…..

Olarinoye J. Olayinka

(Horlhart)Back to the Hood by Olarinoye54

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