My Girlfriend’s Crush

Tinuke felt droplets of warm sweats drop on her bare back, as she continued to move erratically beneath the source, the liquid slid down to her arrested rumps but Tinuke didn’t stop moving. She could feel it – she would soon get to that point where she wouldn’t feel distracted again – that point of … Continue reading My Girlfriend’s Crush

Poem Image: Unending Love Note

Unending Love Note.

  I write on a leafy note with an ink that prints out my thoughts incompletely.   My words of love, spread affectionately in colorful fonts expressing my unmatched desire to pitch the best spot on your heart   I write my words, thinking neither right nor left but with beaming smiles and eyes seeing … Continue reading Unending Love Note.

If Only I Knew – Episode 6

I couldn’t believe my ears. I was speechless, staring at the DPO. John’s girlfriend? Who could that be? John has another girlfriend? I met the man’s eyes. “Are you saying John was shot by his girlfriend? But…” “Don’t play smart on me young woman.” He said and pulled himself up from his chair. “John told … Continue reading If Only I Knew – Episode 6

5 Popular Myths about the NYSC Camp…you probably thought were true

Thursday, 13 October 2016 5 POPULAR MYTHS ABOUT THE NYSC CAMP (you probably thought were true) You’ve probably read a lot of thrills and feels about the NYSC orientation camp online- Except, of course, you exclusively subscribe to just whatsapp data plans, because I doubt if any publisher will devote a paperback to those sort … Continue reading 5 Popular Myths about the NYSC Camp…you probably thought were true

Prima Facie 3

As Anita’s car disappeared into the distance Austin hurriedly retraced his steps back to his apartment. Tucking her pink nylon panty into his back pocket he shouldered open his unlocked door and paced into his flat. Dipping his hand into his rucksack lying beside his study desk he fetched his car keys and hastily made … Continue reading Prima Facie 3