Today’s Youths

Today’s Youths


Youth, youth, sweet and milky-cage.

Lost in joy of youthful age.

Wait on dews of watery fate.

Faith of youth is just a faint.

Life of one too sweet and honey.

Honey, money, all so funny.


Money, cunny – all crave for.

Youth’s so sweet and milky –four;

Four in four, plus one times two;

Yet it’s four, but heart of who?

Friends plus riches, fun plus lust

Nice, so nice “I want no height”


What a life just filled with joy

Youth of might and life of a boy

All for fun, and fun for load

Heavy in the heart, soon you’ll b’old

Mercy for the youth, fall no more

Youth too sweet and milky-four


Death is obvious, time should be taken

Calls on youth of milky-making

On the dews of watery fate

Why so loved yourself too late?

Honey, cunny – all crave for

Youth’s so sweety and milky -four


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