The First Feeling

The First Feeling

We were walking hand in hand, under a bleak, dark night, he was saying something about his university, things I was clueless about.

He held my hand in his, it was so clammy that he asked about it.

“I sweat anytime I get nervous “. I said bluntly.

“And what are you nervous about now? ”

“I don’t know…. ” I said, my voice fading, as he stopped to look me in the eyes.

Simbiat my friend had told me to make sure to remember and caption every moment of the first time in my head, but I was finding that hard to do.

His head was bending towards mine, and as his taut lips met mine, I found myself shivering badly, but not from cold, but my jangling nerves.

As a sensitive person, he stopped, took his head up and stared again into my eyes, as black as the night

“I won’t hurt you” he whispered.
“I know you wouldn’t…. I’m just… ” my voice trailed off again, and like a bolt of lightning, shocking me as well as him.

I took his head down and jammed my lips on his, his coffee brown eyes were wide with surprise.

And after exploring and learning about each other, with fierce urgency, intensified by burning passion.

We reluctantly parted lips and I asked “How’s that for a first feeling “.

6 thoughts on “The First Feeling” by Nelson c.j (@Chetty)

  1. This is nice, this kind of short story is actually the first of its kind that I’ve read. It was like a photo captured in that beautiful moment. Lovely story!

  2. Yesssssssssssss! Something as simply as this but yet so delicious! I think you picked your words carefully and when to have the characters say them. This piece is barely 250 words long but it’s really beautiful. Almost like a story form of poetry. I think it’s the innocence in this encounter that makes me sigh. Great piece Nel.

  3. Thanks guys, my cheeks are bleed red.

  4. My cheeks are bleet* red.

  5. I am sorry Nelson….This is simply an OliverTwist-ing tale for me but I loved it!

  6. Short and simple but fantastic!
    I had a very different experience at my first time though.
    Keep writing.

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