Restart from last checkpoint

“Mission failed”…”Restart from last checkpoint”…”Quit game”.
Having sacrificed at the altars of console gaming such significant amount of time that would be noticeably marked on a 0 to 100 percent scale of all my earthly days , I am all too familiar with those 3 phrases. And so would anyone else who has so dabbled, even if not as earnestly. Being presented with these options would most likely mean in some moments prior , I gnashed at my failure, being one to internalize frustration. Folks with more irritable disposition do a ptooie, others take it out on the closest furniture, etcetera etcetera, whatever floats their boats. But we all, after the vexation is done, express an unsaid appreciation for the presence of that second phrase; restart from the last checkpoint -a contingent option installed by the developers to afford players a chance to undo the erring. How so considerate right? Right. Sadly, no one thought it prudent to involve these game developers during the construction process of the dynamics of our everyday lives.
Perhaps, right about now those of you theistically inclined are thinking “word bro! Why the hell not?!!”. Well, quench your mob torches and cast away your ‘tower of Babel’ bricks. Maybe the creator(s) did think it to cover that base but not just in the way you’d expect
Modern Physicists tell us there exist a limitless number of universes alternate to ours…or not. Each existing independently and concurrently…or not. With differences ranging from negligible to tremendous…or not.
Take a routine boy-girl first ever conversation for example, “hi…I’m Negro, Nihilistic Negro, yea yea qui qui si si ja ja” “Hi Negro ,I’m Jane, Jane Doe…”
“Jane, you know the way your hair graces your…bla bla ( something creative, obvious yet unexpected) bla..” “hehe, aww Negro that was such a nice thing to say…”
For boy, this first conversation is a walk in the park until 15 minutes into conversation, there’s a conversation no more. Girl trots away, boy stands confused. Boy replays the intercourse in his mind browsing for where he went wrong. He figures it out. “Darn, I shouldn’t have asked that” he says. But its too late now. ‘Mission failed’
Theoretical Science would have us believe that life presents the ‘Restart from last checkpoint’ option in the existence of these alternate universes. Not chronologically but simultaneously. In one universe the girl’s response at introduction is “hi Negro…I’m Janet Dolapo” ,in another , boy waits a little longer before angling for her to come to his place. Same scenario , different choice. The difference between a successful and failed mission.
Moral lessons, if there’s ever such a thing.
Be not dismayed;
– The girl that said you aren’t funny enough is laughing at all your jokes in another universe…or not
– Same job interview you botched because you couldn’t even say your name right has you earning 6 digits in hard currency in an alternate universe…or not
– Your grey matter has not inked a mural on the adjacent wall, causing to people contemplate whether or not your death is suicide or murder like the you in that other universe.
So, smile, be happy. Life is good.✌

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  1. Writers_Bloque (@Writers-Bloque)

    Nihilistic Negro, this piece had the tone of an avid comic reader for some reason, it’s the gaming element. Premise slated on top of premise, till it tapers into a comical conclusion. Fun read, Negro ✌

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