Price Of Price 4

Price Of Price 4

Price of Promise

Price of promise Episode 4

Clem couldn’t quite understand why the abductor’s asked for a little ransom. They knew he would give any amount but instead they asked for 50 thousand. It didn’t feel right. Are they having problems with Sade? Is this some sort of message? Yelwa wants something, what could it be? She is sending a strong message. He went in search of his wife.
Vanessa had showed up unexpectedly while Laura and Sophia were having secluded conversation. None of them spoke. Sophia was frightened, she didn’t know how much she heard. She was already in trouble, she didn’t know what step they would take against her. She also has her own move to figure out, she has to play the right card to get her aims achieved but it wasn’t going to be easy. There would be hindrances, dirty play and eradication of people. Still she was scared, something about Vanessa scared her. She couldn’t quite explain it. Vanessa didn’t help ease up her fears, she looked her squarely in the eye.
Laura glared at both of them. “Leave us” Vanessa told Laura glancing in her direction briefly. She nodded and left. “I don’t think I have had a lone moment with you, you are always flocking around Yelwa” Vanessa started. “I must say you learn fast. You probably figured out she used you and you are hooting your plans to get your claws into him. That’s a foolish move, you will get drowned”
Sophia wasn’t surprised, she probably had the prep talk coming. What she didn’t understand is why she wasn’t upset, she is rather too calm. She is probably up to no good. She didn’t know where she was heading yet. “Sade wants me to help you out of her claws” Vanessa said calmly. She scoffed. “Trust me I didn’t want to help you either but she insists I help”
“I am not a baby, I can take care of myself” she retorted. “I can precisely distinguish my right and left” Vanessa shook her head in pity. “Can you precisely distinguish right from wrong? Is planning for the Bualogas wealth right or wrong?” she was mute. “You should know Yelwa has been eyeing the wealth and Sade was the barricade whom you framed.” She wasn’t moved. She merely stared at her. She just wanted a solid reason to run away, a solid reason to turn against Yelwa, a reason to make it right.
“I have been haunting my brother’s wife, I won’t leave any stone unturned in pulling her down. If you don’t give your statement, I won’t be able to save you from the Bualogas wrath.” Vanessa took a long pause. “I remember receiving a call, she was so certain of her every word, so certain of the outcome and I believe those words. Peradventure you get approval of his parents, Henry would need my approval, I am his favorite aunt and we all know he already has a woman in his life.” Vanessa told stood up. She produced a card and gave her. “Do not get caught up in the web”
Clem found his wife dishing out instructions. He waited till they were alone, he didn’t need extra pair of eyes to tell him his wife was furious. She didn’t exactly need a reason to be angry, she has been angry, it was nothing new. He followed her as she headed to the seashore, he just wanted a minute but she wasn’t ready to grant him audience. He wondered why she headed for the anchorage in the far end of the resort. He had no idea they were expecting someone, she didn’t say anything either.  He got to the anchorage and watched on as a man spoke keenly to her. Yelwa’s face soon broke into full smile with glittering eyes. She swiveled and walked to him.
“Clem…” She started dryly. “Sorry I kept you in the dark, our son was supposed to be here already but he decided to find his way home.” Clem wasn’t surprised she somehow convinced him to return earlier than scheduled. What he didn’t understand was how she convinced him despite the explanations he had given him. He sighed. Nothing was getting better. “When will he be here?” he asked calmly.
“In a few hours, I am hosting a welcoming party” she spoke animatedly. “I remembered him being shipped off few years ago-“ He zoomed out, he had more pressing issues than a trip down memory lane. “How much is your son worth?” she stopped abruptly and laughed in sheer pity. “The question should be how much is Sade Lomo worth to you, our son is worth same thing as her. You will get the answer at the party” with that she scrambled away. He needed to act fast, Henry can’t return to Fagri in Sade’s absence. What could he do in a few hours?
Henry Bualoga turned off the engine. He took a deep breath and smile to himself, he’d dreamed of this moment for a longtime. After so much waiting and the patience it took for him to hang on dreaming of this moment. He tapped his pants pocket, the item was intact. He wasn’t sure why his mother pleaded he came early, perhaps she missed him. His father and aunt insisted he delayed in coming. The important thing was that he is home. He stepped out of his car, he was glad his mom left a car at the airport for him. He refused to come through sea so he could see the love of his life before heading for the resort. He hadn’t spoken to her for days now.         
Henry knocked on the Lomos’ door. Ten seconds, twenty seconds and counting, the door wasn’t opened. He kept on counting, a full minute passed by then the door knob turned. It opened slowly….he prayed it was Sade at the other side of the door, with a big smile and sparkling eyes. He snapped out of his thoughts abruptly with realization of the truth. He missed the Lomos’.
“Henry…” Tola gasped with mixture of shock and excitement. Henry enveloped her in a full bear hug. Several emotions erupted instantly, she tried controlling them, it was in vain. She cried for her daughter, son and herself, every pain his mother unleashed on them, the secrets hidden from him, the lives destroyed. “I am here, I won’t leave again” Henry said releasing her from his grip and wipe her tears. She ushered him in. he drank on the scent of his second home. The Lomos’ has always been like a family to him.
“Where is she?” he asked. She knew who he was referring to. She swallowed painfully. “In her room” she lied
“Who is this party for?” Vanessa asked easing her weight into the vacant seat besides Clem. He drained his drink before answering. “Your nephew” she was startled. “How did she convince him?” she asked. He reached for another drink but she beat him to it. She grabbed the drink. “She is enjoying every bit of our distress, she will stop at nothing, absolutely nothing” He trailed off.
“He will be disappointed, he trusted me to keep her intact till he gets here” She murmured. They were both silent until an excited crowd broke the silence, they turned in direction of the cheers. Vanessa sighed. How does she explain Sade’s disappearance? How does she continue to keep the truth from him? He is no longer a child, he has a mind of his now.
“There’s a call for you” Henry said walking to his father. Clem stared at him briefly before taking the phone. He barely got here. “Nice party” the voice came on. Henry eye’s was fixed on him, he couldn’t understand how someone got his contact and demanded for his father. “Thank you” Clem replied icily and headed for a quiet spot. “How did you know my resort has a party?” he asked. “Same way I got in and same way it all changes.” The abductor replied. “Sade is worth everything to me” Clem said in a hostile voice.
“Henry’s arrival changes everything. You have to decide between both whom you want to save” the abductor spoke. How far will she go? Her son is not spared. “I’ll save Sade with every asset of the Bualogas” there was laughter in the other end of the line. “Your flesh and blood will be left with nothing, how heartless can you be?” Clem was quiet. He didn’t want to barter words. “Have you told your son why his father got a call through his phone?”
“His mother will explain” he replied quietly. “Your son will be disappointed in his parents” Clem rubbed in forehead in frustration, his words held the bitter truth. “When will she return?” he asked. He could hear noises in the background. “You will hear from me. Get the ransom ready”
“Tola told me she was in her room but she wasn’t there and she won’t tell me anything when I asked. Aunt, why isn’t she here?” Henry asked sitting besides Vanessa. She felt uneasy, she adjusted on her seat. “I am sorry” she apologized. “You entrusted me to take care of her, I couldn’t keep here till you returned. You do know she can be pretty adamant, I couldn’t stop her from taking the extra work load.” She explained. “Why isn’t she here?” He repeated.
“Henry…” he shook his head. “Just stop. When I was away I had lots of time to think my own life through, some things don’t add up but I won’t ask because you would either change the topic or build up some fantasy lies. One thing I know has been true is my love for Sade, I love her so much, I don’t want to live without her. She is my happily ever after.” 
“Let me hold on to your phone for a while” Clem said rejoining them. “Why would anyone call you through my phone?” Henry asked. He looked at his sister blankly. “Excuse me” he said leaving. Vanessa stared into space. She might be right. “How much longer?” she whispered.
“What exactly did you do?” One of her abductor’s asked. Sade shivered on the dong bed, her teeth chattering loudly. She was also running a fever, they abductors were unconcerned. She was gradually losing her hope. “The Messiah did good works yet he was crucified.” She mumbled. Laughter echoed in the room. He pulled a chair to her bedside and sat. “You believed you did nothing wrong? Yelwa is wrongly hurting you?” Sade swallowed. She was getting weak by the minute but she still prayed for a miracle. “You just said it” she whispered. 
“Yelwa gave orders to murder you, though we are to get your ransom money” he said. Sade didn’t say a word. He went on ranting, she thought about her family, what they must be going through. What happens when she gets rescued, will she be able to pick up where she left off. “Why does she want you dead?” he asked again, he continued. “She gave us permission to hurt you” Sade closed her eyes, her mind drifted to the beginning.
Clem father had shared his worries with little Sade, he was worried about the safety and future of his grandson Henry and his spiteful greedy daughter in law Yelwa was nothing to write home about. He didn’t know what else to do, he felt he was running out of time. He made little Sade promise him she would keep Henry away from his mother. She is currently paying the price.  
“These are the transfer papers. Once I sign, you become sole owner of the Bualoga assets” Clem told an ecstatic Yelwa. He proceeded to signing the papers. This is the only way to save Sade, I hope you understand when you find out my son. I have to preserve your future with the love of your life. Clem thought to himself. “When will she get here?”
“Slow down, you just signed the papers. Let me breathe it in” she said happily. He bang the table flaring up. “I gave you already, bring her back.” She beamed from ear to ear. “I gave the orders to murder her” she said bluntly. “You weren’t forthcoming with the assets though I knew you would eventually give them to-“ he interrupted her. “I want out of our marriage, I don’t want our son entangled in it and don’t throw him out”
“You are right bout one thing, I won’t throw out our son yet” Clem stopped in his tracks, he glanced at her then walked out.
“Vanessa is still quiet on Sade rescue?” Doctor Jared asked Granny who was brooding. He was getting fed up waiting for orders. “She will be rescued” Granny mouthed. He shook his head. “I won’t wait another minute for anyone, she could die in there. Does no one care?” he asked throwing his hands in the air in frustration. “Jared be patient” Granny tried pacifying him. “I’m the only one who cares bout her around here hence I will be the one who rescues her without orders.”

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