Poverty Kills!

Poverty Kills!

11 o’clock was the time on the wall clock, Deji and John entered the kitchen to meet their mother, mama they chorused ,we are so hungry mama, is the food not ready yet? . Food would soon be ready replied mama ,as she covered back the cooking pot . The children returned to their bedroom as they awaited the food mama was cooking. The mother was left alone in the kitchen wondering how she would be able to provide for the children’s dinner or other meals for the next day due to the current economic situation of the country .
Mama Deji sighed as an idea flashed through, she immediately entered the house,took some sleeping pills that had been diagnosed to her by a doctor,slipped it into what she was cooking and served her children the food she had just finished preparing , with the intention of relieving the children of the impending evening hunger. The children ate and thanked mama and fell asleep shortly after their meal.
Deji, Deji, John,John wake up mama Deji called out repeatedly, the time was 12 noon and Deji and John were still asleep. She barged into their room, and started tapping and shaking her boys vigorously but there was no response from the children and at that moment, it dawned on her that she has lost her boys to an eternal sleep.
Poverty is no longer just disease
Poverty kills
Poverty kills

5 thoughts on “Poverty Kills!” by jabanz (@jabanz)

    1. Yeah, Seriously. You can help by dropping suggestions,cause this piece is actually my first. thanks

  1. Yes o, poverty really kills, but I don’t think poverty was the cause of death in the story. Scientists say that one can live up to 3 months without food. So I guess poison did the job.

    Nice flash, I enjoyed it.

  2. I get what you meant. If not for lack of money the woman wouldn’t have tried to delay their next hunger pang. Such is Life….Good story actually. All the best!

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