This morning, I saw a owl perch
On the backyard of my soul
But it was a murmur that
woke me up from that slumber.
It perched and promised hope
Until no, I lost the count of soap;
Those clerics preached water will,
Flowing water will devour…

It was another morning and I was
a little boy who believed in oral sense sex.
They said owls perches grace
And our leaking roof was the perching disgrace
But this owl said blessings with no ending.
Then I went back to sleep
In my dream, I saw owls crying
and the tunes they played
But at the rear, they said fair.
Is that a bunch of lies in truth?

I went back to handle the knob of my door,
Behold what I saw with my ears
And that which I heard with my eyes
Are all salty taste that the head can offer.
These owls are men
They grow beard.
These owls are women
They mate and menstruate.
We are all owls and we perch and we dream and we retire after wishing.

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