My True Love (10)

My True Love (10)

“You’re crazy!” It comes out in an angry whisper.
The warning tone in his voice gets my back up.
“If you think I’m going to let you put your hands on me, especially with my parents around the corner, you’ve really lost it.”
My heart is beating furiously, I’m turned on and I’m trying to maintain my anger. How can I find him hot when he’s been the reason for my moodiness/anger coupled with my parents…and sisters just in the parlour? Something must be wrong with me.

I gulp down the cold juice and pour another in my glass.
“I didn’t hear you complaining the other night.” He points out, smirking at me.
“You are such a jerk. Get out of my house!” I point in the direction of the parlour, my breath is coming out fast and I just want him to leave before I embarrass myself further.
Jase doesn’t move, he’s watching me and he’s got this serious look on his face. He’s probably wondering how he got entangled with someone like me.
“Leave, Jase, I want you to leave and never come back. Yesterday was a mistake, the…the kiss was a mistake, we never should have-”
“Bullshit.” He strides to me in quick steps.
“Jase, no!”
I don’t even have time to escape him before he grabs my hand and pulls me to him. His lips crashes down on mine…hard. I gasp and his tongue finds its way in, enticing mine to a dance. The kiss is pain and pleasure and it’s heady.

“A mistake? Does this feel like a mistake.” He kisses me again and I hold onto him. All our anger and frustrations, we pour into the kiss. He relieves me of my jacket, the counter pressing into my back, his hands roaming my body.
When he releases my lips and moves to my neck I try to grab onto sense.
“Jase, please.” Even my voice sounds weak to my ears.
His hands and lips stop their havoc on my trembling body, his eyes holding mine.
I shake my head. Taking a chance, I place a hand over his lips.
“I’m not…I can’t do this with my parents in the next room. It feels weird and we’re angry with each other….” I sigh.
He nods, I remove my hand from his lips and move away. He holds on and pulls me back.
“This is not over…” His voice is low and threatening. “and we’re not a mistake.” Placing a light kiss on my lips he mutters, “See you at the party.” He releases me and doesn’t stop walking even when he sights Jessie who apparently had been spying on us. He nods in her direction and walks out of the kitchen.

“Sorry, mom wanted me to…to get a fruit juice for her and you guys were…you know,” She gestures in my direction, “And I didn’t want to disturb…Sorry!” I wave away her excuses knowing they were lies and not really caring either way.
I settle on a chair and drink my not-so-cold juice. Cautiously, like someone mindful of a ticking bomb she enters the kitchen.
“Do you want to talk about it?” She asks when she joins me. I shake my head.
For a while it’s quiet but it doesn’t stay that way.
“Well, let me just say this, you guys were hot!” She fans herself, a silly smile on her face. I knew it wouldn’t be long before she vomitted what was on her mind.
“And him? Maryland’s my best biscuit if it can get him to come more often but then he’s not interested in me. What about his friends?”
As she stopped talking I didn’t know whether to laugh or reprimand her. Within, I smiled, Jessie was just what I needed.
“One, he’s too old for you. Two, his friends would scare you. Three…three, we’re not whatever you think we are. We’re just….I don’t know.”
Jessie nods in understanding.
“But you like him.” This was not a question.
“Yea, yea I do.” I smile.
“Then It’ll work out in the end. Life’s too short not to enjoy it especially when it comes with hot army guys ready to sweep you away.” She takes a drink from her glass.
“Who are you and what have you done to my rebellious sister?”
I’m amazed. Jessie acts crazy and on impulse, she’s not the type to dish out advise so I’m surprised by the wisdom of her words and the conviction behind it that tells me she believes what she just said to me.
“You’re growing up on me.” I pull her close and hug her.
“I have been growing, you’re just noticing.” She says.
I pull back still staring at her then I ruffle her hair.

“Great! Picture perfect moment, but what happens to Bode? Or have you forgotten about him?”

Stephanie steps into the kitchen, her eyes narrowed in my direction.
Oh God! Bode! I’d forgotten about him. What a mess!

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  1. My Vallii (@My-Vallii)

    Hmmm….interesting. Obviously, I have missed a great deal not reading Part 1-9. My journey back to the future begins! #excited

  2. Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

    Thanks Vallii, hope you enjoy the ride!

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    Really interesting. I guess I’ve missed a lot since I didn’t start from episode 1. Keep the ball rolling!!

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      lovely …. more pls

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    You write so well, Vanessa….. Wow….this is wonderful…
    Will love to read more from you.

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