Let us have sex

“Let’s make love!” She announced to my happy hearing. I wasted no time in saying yes. We didn’t bother to continue deceiving ourselves with preambles. As young adults we both knew what we wanted, and how to get it wasn’t going to be a problem anymore.

We agreed to meet up at her father’s garage by 8pm, which was 20 minutes away. That way, I’d be the one doing the only work, by jumping the fence. We bade temporary goodbyes, and I walked up the porch of my father’s house, while I watched her walk in through hers.

I hurried into my room, almost ignoring my mom’s call to help her get something from the kitchen. “Not today mom.” I replied.

I met my Vaseline waiting half way on my bed, and I couldn’t have been more glad to see it.

As I eased my extreme-joy in self-service, an idea came to my mind. I picked up my phone and sampled my man-part and instantly PM’d it to her Whatsapp, with the caption, ‘waiting to enter.’ Her name, Jacinth, as beautiful as her DP, which I began to use as my fuel for my none ending self-love.

She texted back. I leapt with joy, until I read the content. ‘OK.’ And that was all.

I couldn’t understand why she’d not be feeling excited, after about two weeks of teasing ourselves; it was finally going to happen.

She texted again. “It’s time. Meet me.”

I didn’t even realise when I threw the lotion away, and slipped back on my trouser. Next I found myself was outside the window. The saying that ‘konji na bastard,’ came to mind, and I heavily concurred.

Soon, I was on the other side of their fence, searching for her as I was already tearing the condom in my hand.

“Got you!” Her voice suddenly said from behind me, shocking me to my bones. What shook me most was when she asked why I didn’t call before coming as planned.

A bright light shone directly on me from a window up her house.

“So, that’s the lesson you’ve been teaching my daughter all these while abi? You are a dead man.” Another voice from above said.

I immediately recognized it as her father’s.

I suddenly knew how to prophecy. I was a dead man.

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6 thoughts on “Let us have sex” by Arinze Talius Dike (@talius)

  1. Abiona Alli (@abionaalli)

    Hehehe! I knew something was going to go wrong. I think I would have preferred if it were not so short though. I would have liked a build-up to the statement “So, that’s the lesson you’ve been teaching my daughter all these while abi? You are a dead man.”

  2. Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

    Really interesting! Good job.

  3. Nice and funny, I didn’t quite understand the conclusion at first read. More words could have helped.

  4. Fikayo (@@fikayomi)

    Very funny ending!
    I think this is what a “Flash Fiction” means.

  5. Thank you @abionaalli @vanessa @levuz @fikayomi for your nice reviews, I really appreciate them all.

  6. KakraC (@KakraAdole)

    Woah! More please. Hahahahahaha, I love it

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