Is Certificate Too Important For Showing One’s Expertise?

Is Certificate Too Important For Showing One’s Expertise?

It has kept many in dilemma, because they couldn’t afford it, as though it is food or money.  Though the society wouldn’t take a great man by virtue of natural skills and talent; if he hadn’t anyone in his file or paper-bank.  But is this how it should really be?  Well, what has been has been. It takes only those with foresight towards the subject to direct it for good.  Because, most employers will never have anyone employed in his office if he has no certificate; even though he may possess the potentials beyond those that have one.  You see, it is well proven that the subject itself is nothing but a paper.  I mean a mere paper and not the required potentials, skills, strength, intelligence and all that.  And that is the problem of the society today.

Some will always complain that there are no good jobs, whereas there are countless job opportunities out there. This complaint comes haven been interviewed.  And after the interview result is out, it would be that the interviewee failed, and even having oral statements which are in contrast to what is stated in his certificate.  Then what is the need of acquiring such paper? The truth is, employers need and want those who have what it takes to help contribute towards the goal of the company or institution; nothing more or less.  In the other hand, employers strictly want those with certificates.  If not, no job.  Obviously, those they disparage – not having the said certificate in most cases are the human-material they actually need.  But they ignore them and go after those they want; and end up not making it at top regarding meeting up with their expectations.

The question is, why has this paper made man a tool of ridicule and man allows that?  It is really not funny.  The fact that he doesn’t have the paper (as I call it), doesn’t mean he can’t do the work effectively as you wish to have it be done.  Hence, consideration should be that this subject be treated accordingly and give room to those who are not opportune or privileged to have the said paper.  Moreover, Mr. Williams Shakespeare the genius hadn’t any, yet he is, even at death considered the greatest ever quoted personality in the world, as long as Literature is concerned.  You see, every field of study anyone engages in and is perfect in what he does, is not all about what he acquired from studies or what certificate has given him.  But those special qualities he has been blessed with by God.  Been enrolled into professional courses is just to backup those inborn quality and be called a graduate or one who has acquired a certificate ” The name; that’s all.  But many can concur that some persons before graduation have become what they have earlier wished to become.  They just waited or are waiting to have that paper, which probably waste quality time for those who needed to have showcased their expertise on what they know how to do best.

Why do I have to speak on this? Because, I have seen, (not told or think) where men who have no certificate reveal what they have through practical. And they did very well more than those who have it.  Many successful businessmen and women applied nothing but the entrepreneurial attributes and skills in them.  Hence, they make it today; yet they have no papers. In as much as they are yet uneducated, some educated scholars come to them to seek advice, coaching and follow their seminar or even make them personal Matron or Patron, just to be like or more than them.  Did it just sound like an irony?  Well, it may have sounded as such, but reality remains what it is, and no eraser can erase it.  So, dear employer and recruiter have these ones without papers show you what they got.  Just give them some time, monitor their inputs and outputs.  Promise have it that you will not regret having them.

Do you know that in most cases those who have no papers do better than those who have?  And reason is, those who have will always have the notion that they can never be rejected by most firms, companies or institutions, because they have a handsome certificate and tends to care less regarding their field of study and expertise.  Meanwhile, those who have none are totally the opposite.  They’ll be dedicated, careful and keep practicing, even in private to make it high, hoping that even though they got no papers to speak for them, their physical technicality will, and that’s it.

Also, there is this wonderful quote I use often, which states ” Certificate is just a paper and is irrelevant without knowledge, skills, and potentials. Therefore, “disparage not those you need and go after those you need not, but want”.

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