Fola episode 19


Fola 19
I walked with my head down; passed the living room, through the hall, then finally into his office. I left his door opened standing in the middle of his office, waiting for him to come. I know I am in trouble, cos what I did was totally stupid and dangerous. But seriously, I had to do something. My mum was getting more dangerous by the second. She needed to be stopped or slowed down. And that’s exactly what I did.
“You really messed up this time Fola,” said Michael behind me.
I startled, giving a pathetic scream, I didn’t hear him come in, turning around, I looked at Michael breathing fast my hand on my chest it was beating as fast as a hummingbirds wings. I love hummingbirds, they are cute. But right at the moment I was a bit startled and scared so I addressed Michael saying,
“ jeezzzz, Michael you startled me, how come you move so quietly”?, he was about to reply but the look on his face said his answer wasn’t going to be about what I just asked but about what I did so I quickly said,
“I know I messed up. But what did you expect me to do, wait for my mother to strike again and do something worse? Remember Nancy was in the room with me, and she would have been…….” I could say no more because I was interrupted by a fuming Michael,
“ no!, don’t even remind me about what happened earlier today ok?, he moved to stand behind me, “I know Nancy was in the room with you, seeing her almost scared me to death, she could have been hurt”. He used both hands to rub his face, meaning he was really scared about what happened today in my room, but still I needed to make my point clear enough for him so I said,
“Yes that’s true, but she wasn’t, what I’m trying to say is….” I was been interrupted again by Michael, God help me but his beginning to piss me off, not letting me finish my sentences is fustrating.
“I know what you’re trying to say Fola, she wasn’t hurt, I know, but that doesn’t justify the fact that you disobeyed me. I told you not to go and kill your mother”….this time I spoke without letting him finish his sentence, hehe who gets to interrupt now hmm?….
“I didn’t kill her, I just caused her a little bit of pain”. I said, trying to let him know I knew what I was doing.
“ Fola, she is in the hospital”. He said , looking at me like I had no idea at what I had done today, and I guess I didn’t.
“What!” did I do that? I’m I responsible for her going to the hospital? I was beginning to get scared, so many things going through my head,
like will I be arrested for what I did?
Will my mother die?
Did we put too much of coconut in her chocolate?
Michael was standing in front of me, looking at my reaction. I hated my mum, I was pissed at what she had done. But I really wasn’t capable of killing her, I was just angry at her, and wanted to teach her a lesson, that’s why I did what I did to her. God what have I done? My face was about to crumble, I was suddenly dragged into Michael’s warm embrace.
“She’s ok Fola, the doctor gave her some drugs, she’s better now. But she won’t be showing herself in a few days, even if I hate what you did,I have to admit you did good. You bought I and my men more time, to plan on how to get your mother, and arrest her, so just calm down ok?”. He was rubbing my back, I held him real tight to me. I wasn’t myself anymore. Seeing how far I had gone was a little bit scary. After a few seconds, he pushed me back a bit by my shoulders. Hands outstretched he said,
“Will you listen to me from now on”?
I nodded my head; I just did it to let him think I was in total agreement with him. Next time when I want to do something without him knowing, I’ll be very careful. I won’t go to the extreme except if I needed to. So this means whatever plan I have for next time will be done with caution.
Michael was satisfied with me agreeing to him. So he pulled me back to him and continued to hold me. There was a knock on the door, I didn’t turn to find out who it was but I heard the voice, it was one of Michael’s men,
“Boss, all is good right?, can we now leave”?, said the man.
“Yes you can Andrew, thanks”. Well I guess that’s his name then. Still in Michael’s arms I yelled out at him, “ thanks Andrew!”…. I heard him chuckle, then I heard him say “cute”. Well whatever. Then I heard him walk out of the room, his heavy boots hitting the floor.
Michael took a deep breath, and then moved us to his seat. He sat down pulling me down to sit on his laps. I got comfortable holding him to me when he said,
“ Fola please don’t ever do what you did today, ever again, seriously, I was so scared. I thought you wouldn’t make it back home, so did Gibson”……..
“ hey, what’s up with Gibson anyway, totally ignoring what he just said, “does he like Ada”?.i was a bit curious to know whether any of the assumptions I’ve had about them were true.
Sighing he said, “yes, Gibson likes Ada, he’s liked her for a while now”.
I held his face in my hands and said, “ Michael I’m sorry I got you scared, but you need to understand that my mother was getting out of hand. She was getting too dangerous; I had to slow her down. But next time I’ll be careful.” My hands were around his neck this time.
“no Fola, there won’t be a next time”. I nodded my head, but my fingers were crossed behind his head. So it wasn’t a promise.
A knock sounded on the door for the second time that time, I turned to look, it was Nancy, looking really good in a pink dress.
“Wow Nancy you look good, your dress is beautiful, you went shopping”? She smiled then nodded her head. She was holding her pen and jotter in her hand; she started to write down something. When she was done, she came over to us and gave the jotter to Michael; we both looked at the jotter to read what she had written. on it, it said,
“Thanks Mr. Michael for the clothes, I love them”. I looked at her smiling at him. Then I turned my head to Michael, he just nodded his head, then replied back
“You’re welcome love”. But call me Michael. She nodded at him, looked at me still smiling, turned around and walked out.
“Wow, that dress really fits her”, I said still looking at her walking out.
“Yes it does”, replied Michael.
His hands were on my waist he pushed me a bit forward, making me stand up and said, “I have work to do, so please no more surprises yea? Just stay home, eat and rest, watch a movie or something, But no going out. Please”
I rolled my eyes at him but smiled and said “ yes I know, I won’t, I’ll stay home as you’ve asked”. He was staring straight into my eyes, trying to see if I was being honest.
“Michael seriously, I’ll stay home, no surprises, promise. I’m even tired sef”.
He gave a nod, kissed me on the lips and let me go, then he said “take care”, walking out of his office “we’ll see when I get back from work”.
“Ok later”. I gave a small wave; looking at me as he walked out of his office, He smiled then winked leaving me standing there. Hmmm, he winked—- gorgeous. I’m falling more and more in love with this guy every day.
The day’s events started to replay in my head. Starting from my tantrums after the shooting, to the girls and I cooking up a plan to destroy my mother, to us running away from one of her goons, to Ada, running like a mad woman out of the compound in an attempt to escape from Gibson. I wonder where they are anyway. I walked out of Michael’s office in search of Ada, I hope she is ok.

Walking through the hallway, I heard voices. Getting closer to the living room, I noticed almost everyone living in Michael’s house was watching a scene playing in front of me, the scene which was Gibson and Ada in a heated argument.
“I will do whatever the hell I want Gibson, you’re not the boss of me and you definitely don’t own me”, yelled Ada standing toe to toe with a fuming Gibson. I don’t know where she got the liver to challenge him like this. Gibson is as tall as Michael, and Michael is like 6’4. I don’t think I can stand up to Gibson, Michael maybe, but not Gibson.
“ oooh, that’s going to change real soon Ada real soon, cos I can’t have you risking your life and the life of others for some stupid stunt. You almost got yourself killed, You, Becky and Fola. Do you know what Michael would have done if something bad had happened to you girls?, especially Fola. He would have gone insane. Fola is his life. Just as you are mine”, replied Gibson still angry
Rolling her eyes, Ada replied,
“Nothing happened to us Gibson, we are, wait……..did you just say I’m your life”? I rolled my eyes, it’s now she’s hearing that.
Ada couldn’t believe what she had just heard, I looked around the room to know who and who was around witnessing this amazing scene before me. I saw Stephen standing by my right, followed by Edgar the butler, then lastly Nancy, the maids were all gathered at the kitchen entrance. Nancy was smiling, Stephen had on a boyish grin. I looked to my left and saw Michael, he was standing behind Gibson, looking like he wanted to hit Ada on the head so she could realize just how much Gibson loves her.
“Yes Ada, you’re my life, your everything to me”. He took a step towards her, then another, and another, finally he got close enough to pull her into his arms, surprising her with a heated kiss. Oh my, I looked away and my eyes immediately landed on Nancy, she was smiling hugely, she noticed me smiling at her then she wiggled her eyebrows at me. I giggled, funny girl.
“ ok people, its time to leave this two lovebirds alone. ”, said Becky clapping her hands in a go away gesture at everyone in the room except the lovebirds, then finally turned to look at Gibson, standing a few feet away from him. I didn’t see her in the room, where did she come from?
“I know we’ve all been dying to see Gibson finally let Becky know how much he loves her”, she continued,
“Now that he has, there are some things he needs to make clear to her, aint that right big guy “?,
“yeah”, replied Gibson still looking at Ada. She had tears rolling down her cheeks and she was looking at him with love in her eyes.
“ok then let’s go, let’s go, let’s go”, Said Becky clapping her hands and shooing everyone out. We all went out one after the other.
Leaving Gibson and Ada in the living room, I went to the kitchen cos I was a bit hungry. The only thing I had eaten today was just that popcorn and a drink, I think. Now I needed food. Walking into the kitchen I saw some of the maids working. They all greeted me, not using madam or any other title; I told them to call me by my name and that’s what they always do.
“hi girls, please I’m starving, is there anything I can eat”?. I stopped by the kitchen counter which was in the middle of the kitchen. The color in the kitchen was a combination of white and brown. The counters were ceramics, and there were cabinets attached to them. The counter by the wall had the gas cooker attached to the cabinets. On the counter there were plates and cutleries all arranged horizontally on their holders, so I stood there waiting to see if I would get anything to eat.
“ yes Fola, there is potato porridge, would you like some”?. said one of the maids
“Potato porridge?, what type, is it Irish or sweet”, I asked, I was already walking over to one of the maids that spoke, “Abigail”, was her name. I went over to her, she was standing by the gas cooker. It had 2 big pots on it, so I peeked into each of them to find out what was inside, one had Irish potato porridge, mixed with carrots, cabbage, and other veggies, while the other contained fish pepper soup. Hmmm yummy, Smiling broadly I looked at Abigail saying “ let me have the potato porridge first, then I’ll take the pepper soup later”. She smiled then nodded her head, taking a few steps to her right to get a plate for me, She dished my food, placed a fork in it, then gave me, I happily collected it from her, thanking her. She replied by saying “you’re welcome”, then I walked out of the kitchen, food in my hand. I went straight to the living room. Gibson and Ada should be done with their conversation by now. But I was wrong
“You’re so annoying!, I never want to speak to you again”!, that was yelled by Ada, she was walking towards me, Gibson behind her,
“ Ada stop we are not yet done with our talk”. He looked a bit amused, I have no idea why, Ada, is angry but he is amused?. Hm nawa. She must have heard the amusement in his voice cos she immediately swirled around facing him.
“You think this is funny, ehn?, you think you can tell me what and what not to do?. Well you have the wrong girl Mr. Gibson”, she said this poking him in the chest,
“I will not be controlled by anyone, no one, you hear me!”?.
“ok Ada, I’ve heard you. Now come here, I need to hold you”
“No”, said Ada, pouting “I’m going to the kitchen, I have work to do”. She whirled around and walked straight to the kitchen.
Gibson sighed, and then he looked at me,
“ Fola, take care, don’t do anything stupid. And please stay at home this time ok”?.
All I did was to nod my head, then he turned around and headed for the front door saying,
“I’m going over to the office….., later”.
I stood there Food in my hand, watching everything play out in front of me. Wow, that was…..I don’t even know what to call it. Shrugging, I walked to the living room, sitting down on the couch and dived into my food. The taste of it on my lips was superb, my taste buds became super active, having every amazing flavor of the food go through my mouth and down my throat. It was out of this world. I moaned as I ate, seriously the maids in this house can cook. Wow.
“Hey sweetie, what are you eating”?, that was said by Becky, thought she had gone anyway. Not paying attention to her, I continued eating my food. I felt the couch go in, feeling her heat beside me.
“Hey”, she said peeking into my food from my shoulder behind me, “what are you eating na, I’m hungry”?
“It’s food, go to the kitchen if you want some”
“I know its food”, she said, and I could imagine she rolled her eyes at me, “whatever”.
“just tell me the food you’re eating, so I’ll know if I’ll be interested”, she said still trying to take a peek at my food.
“ oooooohh!, kai Becky, its potato porridge kai!”.
“potato porridge?, what type is it, is it sweet or Irish?,
“ its irish”
“Why Irish na, I like sweet, don’t you guys have sweet? Can you ask the maids if they made sweet potato porridge”?
“No Becky I’m not going to ask for you, go to the kitchen yourself and do that, you’re making me talk, I don’t like talking while I eat”. My attitude didn’t faze her, she still continued to pester me.
“But this is not my house, help me na, pls na, pls, pls, pls, pls……”
“Becky!” She was surprised at my outburst she jumped out of the couch, I also was surprised but that wasn’t my problem at the moment right now I just wanted to enjoy my meal without getting interrupted.
“nawa oh, ok eat your food, I’ll go to the kitchen myself. See wetin food dey do to person”. She walked away, going to the kitchen, her heels, clicking on the hard food.
Finally I can eat my food in peace…..
“ emmm fola?”
I ignored the person, eating my food with so much interest. I wasn’t interested in anyone at the moment. I just wanted to eat; I mean was that too much to ask? For me to just eat without disturbance?.
“Fola,”. Said the same voice, wait that voice is Bello, what does he want? I turned around in my seat to face him. He wasn’t looking happy.
“Bello, what’s up”? i Said facing him
“You have a package”
“What? What package”?. I stood up, placing my food on the coffee table. Then I walked to where he stood. He was holding a package, wrapped in purple. With some drawings on it, He stretched out his hand to hand it to me. I was a bit scared. I didn’t really know anyone around here, so who would be sending me a package. With caution I collected the package; it felt very light in my hand like nothing was inside. Then I looked at him asking,
“Are you sure this package is for me”?. He nodded his head.
“It even says so on it”, he said. I looked at the package and sure enough my name was written in bold letters


Wow. I wonder who it’s from. I was a bit curious to know what was inside the package, but at the same time I was scared. So I looked at Bello saying,
“Please hand me your phone, need to call Michael”. He dipped his right hand into the front pocket of his trousers and brought out his phone, giving it to me. I immediately dialed Michael’s number, yes I have it stored in my brain sue me. Placing the phone to my ear, I heard it ring. Then I waited for him to answer.
“Smith here”. Said Michael, oh my, what an amazing voice, Deep and strong, Very confident too. Clearing my thoughts of how deep and confident Michael’s voice is, I concentrated on why I called him in the first place. so I answered,
“Not Bello, Michael it’s me, Fola”. He was quiet for a bit.
“ Fola, what wrong, why you calling, are you ok”?. I rolled my eyes happy to know how much he cared.
“ I’m fine, it’s just that I got a package, I don’t know what it is cos its wrapped”. I was looking at the package in my hand now. Wondering what it was. I decided to give it a little shake……..
“ No!, Fola don’t do that”. I was a bit startled at Bello’s outburst. I looked at him frowning,
“Bello, it’s just a package, nothing to worry about”.
“What if it’s something breakable”, he raised an eyebrow at me, giving me a questioning look.
“I looked back at the package in my hand, then I said out loud “ oh, didn’t think of that”.
“Of course you didn’t”. i had forgotten i had the phone to my ear and the line was dead, guess he cut the line, he should probably be on his way. i gave bello back his phone, then I walked back to the couch to sit down, and then I placed the package on the coffee table beside my food. I looked at it for a few seconds, and then picked my plate of food. I continued to eat, staring at the package, wondering what was inside.
“Oh my God!”, yelled Becky, she was coming from the kitchen, her heels making click clacking sounds. “This food is awesome!, are you sure I won’t steal one of these girls to turn them into my own personal cook”?
She got to the living room. Then she came to stand in front of me, looking down at me she said,
“Hey Fola, what’s that on the table”?.
My answer was a shrug. She looked at me, then at the package, then back at me.
“You don’t know”?, I nodded my head. She turned to address Bello, while I stared at the package, willing it to reveal itself to me.
“Bello, who sent the gift”?.
“I don’t know, the gateman just came to give me at the back of the house. I have no idea who it’s from” she turned back around to look at me, saying nothing, she sat beside me as I stared at the package, eating my food, slowly and carefully.
“ Fola, wont you open it to see what’s inside”?. I shook my head.
“But it’s your package, you have the right to know”, said Becky sounding a bit frustrated. I guess patience isn’t her greatest strength.
“I know it’s mine Becky, but no one knows who it’s from, right now we have my mother trying to either kidnap or kill me. She might have been the one who sent it. Or maybe it’s someone else that hates Michael I don’t know. But it’ll be better if we all just wait for Michael to come, let him be here while I open it”, the room was quite for a bit, before Becky decided to destroy it by asking,
“Are you sure you don’t want to even take a peek”? . I shook my head still eating and staring at the package.
“Ok, if you say so” I heard Becky say. Then she went back to her food, moaning at the taste of it. This food is truly awesome.

20 minutes later
We heard the front door open with a slam. Like the door hit the wall or something, then we saw Michael striding in, looking very serious and determined. Gibson was behind him, looking his normal self.
“Where’s the package”?, Demanded Michael. I just pointed at it not saying anything. Becky and I were still sitting on the couch but we were done with our food, Ada had come to join us, I was placed in their middle as usual. Michael came to us then picked up he package. He started to tear off the wrap, I stood up to take a look but he gave me a warning look. That didn’t stop me, I kept walking forward, he sighed, but continued to tear off the wrap. It was a brown carton like that of an ipad, he then open it and his face immediately turned stony. Jaws ticking eyes squinting, he was angry. What in the world is in that carton.
I noticed Gibson walking to stand closer to Michael, he looked at the package and his eyes immediately turned stony too. Wow , whatever is inside that package is really bad. I was curious to know since it was addressed to me, so I walked a lot closer to Michael, I had to stand on my toes to take a look at the package. And what I saw was worse than a nightmare. My heart was beating faster than a driver in a car race. This package was my doom. It practically showed how I will die. And it wasn’t nice or pretty. I swallowed loudly then looked at Michael.
“She wants to kill me”. I said,
“She has to go through me first”, said Michael. Throwing the package to the floor, he dragged me to him and held me tight
“No one will hurt you Fola, I promise you. And I never break my promises”. I took in a deep reassuring breath and held him right back. Right now Michael is the only man on earth that I know can protect me. I’ll do whatever I can to listen to him, to avoid anymore problem”.
And about that package, God save me from my heartless mother

Thanks for reading,
God rules

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