Dance into my future

Dance into my future

Wearing my elegant yellow swing dress,

The sun smiles at me and I smile back at it

Taking my stance on the red clipart vector podium


With the lights focused on me, I dance freely

Oscillating and swinging my arms in different directions

And wiggling my waist side to side


There are no sounds, a feeling of hopelessness

but I dance anyways with all that is in me

I just imagine music, sounds, drums,

pianos, violin, and lots more others


I dance towards my uncertain future

Placing my arms against each other

and letting them go in different directions

For the struggle to my destiny

I dance more than any other. Flawless with my steps.


I don’t struggle with my pace, no

they come naturally to me.

The imaginary drum, beats, and sounds lead me to the sound of time

Time that says the only difference is the – and the I

The – is my two arms while the I is my body which moves slowly and steadying

To the rhythm of the imaginary drum. As I elegantly move my figure.


I hear the wind whisper to my ears, “You are a dancer, dance your way into the future.

Dance away your misery. Soar more than the birds can soar

Fly higher than the aeroplanes in the sky until you finally reach your destination.”


Its whisper felt to me like a beautiful kiss

Gracefully caressing my tender lips

With instructions in my miserable state.

However, I dance! I dance my way into my future

I dance to the sound of time that separates the present from the future.






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