The Poem I Wrote For You

I did write you a poem, yes I did.
It was just for you.
Finished it even before starting
but forgot to tell you
that I left it with you even before leaving.

I could have dropped it at the door of your room
but feared you might kick it away
with the feet of your broom
and send it with haste to the waste bin to lay.

So you need not seek it with naked eyes
for I wrote it on the table of my heart
and dropped it to the depth of your heart
beyond the reach of spies.

So, when you walk through the paths
of your wondering thoughts
in search of the poem I wrote for you
make use of your mind eyes.

Pen down every word that comes your way.
Smile to the Similes
pay attention to each sound but don’t be still
lest the metaphors cause you to fall.
Flow with the rhymes
and dance to the rhythms.

Paint the words to pictures .
Place them on the wall of your room
so you’ll never forget to remember
it was the poem I wrote
just for YOU.

12 thoughts on “The Poem I Wrote For You” by Okeme James Jerome (@okemejames)

  1. Not a poet but I love this one. Nice one James.

    1. That’s awesome! Thanks for loving it

  2. Just for u is lovely.

  3. Aww! Thank you for writing this just for me, I’ll always remember you….us.


    Lovely poem!

    1. @Vanessa, If I hia! Lol

      @Okemejames, I like the picture you used, it was a good concept with the poem.

    2. lol! @Vanessa. I’m glad you will. It was written just for you

  4. Lovely poem!!! Its gentle to the soul.

    1. Hmmm! Thanks for the beautiful comment @femimicky

  5. I love poems and I love this one!
    This is beautiful @okemejames, thanks for sharing it.

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