The Day I’ll Never Forget

The Day I’ll Never Forget

Clara and Ken had met at the end of the year party of the organization Ken worked as an administrator. Clara’s friend Julie had invited her and made Clara promise she would be there.
“You know I don’t like outings. I have a lot of work to do and a whole book to edit before I head home for Christmas holidays” Clara told Julie trying to find an excuse not to go.

“You just sit in here, press your phone and stare at the laptop screen all day. Do you even plan to ever get married?” Julie retorted angrily. “Getting married” that was the phrase that she used to get Clara to go out with her.
“OK. I’ll be there Miss marriage counselor who isn’t married herself.” Clara smirked and they both laughed.

Ken had sighted Clara looking radiant in her blue gown and neatly packed braided hair with her flawless makeup, sitting alone. “How could a pretty girl like that be sitting all alone by herself?” he thought to himself and hoped to be less busy enough to get, at least her number.

Julie too was busy. As a staff of the organization, they had to do some running around to see that there won’t be any flop.
Clara didn’t mind sitting alone. She preferred it cause, as a writer and a blogger it would give her enough time to write or do something online. She always had something to do on her device and guys seem to be her greatest turn off. No one knows the reason, not even Julie who was her friend and roommate from the university even up to that moment.
“You are secretive” Julie will tease, but she never made her reasons known to her.

Ken had kept his eyes on her all through the award giving and through out other schedule on the program. He kept a close watch on her, but couldn’t get close cause a thing or the other needed by the board was always with him.
Finally his big moment came, it was time for refreshments and he was discharged from all his duties. Clara was now sitting with Julie but they still had two empty seats by their table.
“Evening Miss. Can I join you if you don’t mind?” Ken asked with a tray in his hands that had his food and drink in it.

“Sure you can!” Clara was the first to respond drawing back the seat close to her to help Ken an easy route to sit. Julie never loved Ken. She believes he is the proud one and they always gossiped about him whenever he passed by. She kept wondering how and why “The Proud One” decided to sit with them.
“You look good ladies and I must admit, you have a charming, sweet voice.” Ken said turning to Clara.

There was much fun and laughter on this table. Julie had never seen Ken that lively before and she was surprised to see Clara connect so easily with a guy. “Maybe because he’s handsome, but Clara had met many handsome guys before. She might be trying to be a good girl for once.” Julie thought as she watched the two relating like friends who had known each other forever.

The party was over, but not without Ken having Clara’s number. It was the best end of the year party for him ever since he started working in this organization. He concluded as he drove home.

A surprise call Two days later woke Clara up. She was in her home town already for the Christmas holidays and waking up late was very much allowed now that she is with her mum. She always tried to get the best of her holidays whenever she’s chanced. She’s not the last child, but she acts like one whenever she’s at home.
“Good morning Miss Clara” was what she heard upon receiving her call. She had forgotten about Ken. It was normal for her. So Ken had to awaken her memory and from that moment, it was like he awakened her heart to love too.

From unending chats to adding each other up on every social media they were both connected to, they both kept in touch everyday till the holidays were over. “I can’t wait to see you again” Ken told Clara when she was finally back in the city.

Julie was oblivious of the new friendships between her friend and Ken until Ken stopped by to drop a package for Clara on a certain Saturday evening.
Julie felt left out, but after much explanation and pleading from Clara, she became calm and didn’t believe the “Just Friends” story. She could feel there was much to it.

Days became months and the friendship between the two became more intense. It was no longer a mere friendship now and Clara knew it. She was so into Ken and couldn’t explain how or why.
Five months into their relationship and Clara finally agreed to know where Ken was living.
“It doesn’t speak well of you, you know. From a few months of friendship and now you’re my queen and you never bothered to know my place. That’s bad.” Ken had confronted Clara about this and she finally agreed to visit him briefly the next Sunday.

Ken lived in a two bedroom apartment in a G. R. A area in the city and the sitting room was quite spacious, but very neat and in order. His comportment goes right well with the way he furnished his apartment. You could tell he had a good taste.
“Nice place you’ve got here!” Clara complimented after walking around the sitting room and taking everything she saw in.
“Thank you! I’m glad you love my little Palace.” he smiled back at her as she made her way back to where she was sitting before.

“What will I offer you? Or better still, go into the refrigerator over there and get what you want. Make yourself at home, you are not a stranger to me.” he said pointing to the direction of the refrigerator.
Her first visit was awesome as they saw a movie together and Clara being forced to play a game of chess with Ken of which she had no idea about.

“It was nice having you around. Hope to have you again soon.” Ken said as he dropped her off at her house. Left to him, he would have made her stay that night and even forever.

Going to Ken’s house wasn’t scary to Clara anymore. She had told Ken her fears and why she kept away from guys for so long. “I was abused as a child and it played on my emotions and the way I relate with guys.”

Ken had assured her not to be scared and he didn’t judge her about her abuse story as she had presumed. “I still and will always love you come what may.” he told her stroking her hair.
“Only God knows what you did to me and how I got into you like this. It’s so strange!”

“I’m a magician and I cast a spell of love on you.” Ken teased and they both laughed it off.

She had been with him since 9:00am on that Saturday. That Saturday that started out cool.

She had prepared a meal for them, rejecting the offer to go to a restaurant “It’s too expensive. That money could feed two hungry kids out there.” she said making Ken feel bad for always spending more money in the restaurant than on charity.

Clara was laying on the bed beside Ken and placed her head on his chest and he kept stroking her hair. She was in her natural hair and it was soft and fluffy oozing with great fragrance that made him sniff it every now and then.

After a brief moment of talks and laughs, Clara stood up to go. “It’s 6:30pm and I have to be on my way. You know I missed my rehearsal because of you?” she hit him playfully and he pulled her back to the bed.
“Wont you kiss your Prince good night before you go?” He asked her staring into her eyes which now looked more beautiful to him than ever.

It wasn’t their first time of kissing, neither was it the first time of sitting together on the same bed the way they did. But they had never spent a whole day together before.
“Why would I leave without doing that?” She replied pecking him.
“I’m not leaving yet naw. I still have to pick my bag and adjust my makeup.” she completed standing up to get her bag for her lip gloss and finishing powder. She always had it with her as her favorite handy makeup.

She wasn’t the coke size shape girl, but there was this way she walk that will make a guy look twice. Even females like her admired her. But Ken had seen this for eight months now and as much as he wanted to have her, he was always under control;  but not tonight. That longing was intense.

He stood at the door of his room watching Clara adjusting her makeup by the standing mirror in his room “you don’t really need those things dear. You are naturally beautiful.” he said and walked up to her from behind, holding her waist.

“I still need it to enhance my beauty you know?” she smiled at him in the mirror. But he was busy sniffing her hair again.
“I love the smell of your hair? What do you use?” he gave her an inquisitive look. She only smiled and turned to leave, but Ken didn’t let go of her.

“I know what you need.” she smiled and kissed him. But the kiss lasted longer than usual and she could feel Ken’s hand moving steadily on her back.
“You’re igniting a fire you won’t be able to put out and you might has well get burned.” a voice spoke to Clara or maybe it was her conscience and she pulled back immediately “we have to stop” and she made for the door.

Ken had rushed to the door and blocked her way. “you can’t go. Not tonight please! Let’s just make love tonight. I’ve been dying to have you” Ken held her hands wanting to bring her back to the room.
“Not tonight. We will get married and have our fill of love. Let me go and you’ll be fine.” Clara took her hands from his and kissed him yet again.
“Now can I go?” she was now confused of the sudden change of urge Ken had.

He held her face up and kissed her deeply. Ken was a good kisser, but not tonight and they had never tied tongues this long. They had kissed good bye almost five times now and Clara knew danger was looming, but felt it was under control until she realized she had been moving with Ken, lips still locked towards the direction of his bed.

“Ken wait!” she freed her lips from his “what is wrong with you tonight? You are acting strange. Common! It’s almost seven and you know I don’t stay out late” she said as she picked her bag on the floor picking everything that had dropped back inside. She didn’t notice Ken’s panting and the way he walked up and down the room.

“Good night” Clara said as she made for the door, but Ken was already there turning the locks and removing the keys, he kept it in his pocket.
“What are you trying to do Ken? Why did you lock the door?”

“I don’t want you to go home tonight. I just want to be with you. Is that too much to ask?”

“I’ve never seen you like this before. What had possessed you?” She was scared now, but wasn’t sure of what to do.

“You did dear. You possessed my every reins.” He said as he moved closer to her and held her close and tightly to himself.

“You are holding me too tightly Ken. Let me go” she pleaded, but Ken was sniffing her hair yet again and now kissing her neck he pushed her to the bed and quickly drew down the pencil skirt Clara was wearing. She groped around the bed with her hands to cover herself with anything she could find, but found nothing and the bed spread was too stocked in making it difficult to pull out at a pull.

“Please Ken, don’t do this. It’s… I’m… I don’t want to. She stuttered as she watched Ken unclad himself.
“Maybe I shouldn’t have kissed you back over and over again. Sorry I led you on, but I didn’t mean to.”

Ken didn’t listen or maybe he heard but didn’t care. There was a moment of struggle between the two and finally he had his way.
Clara’s cloth had been forced open during the struggle and some of the buttons were missing.

He tried to kiss her as he went down with the act, but Clara moved her lips away. “Don’t act like you don’t want it too” he said as he paced up and down and panting heavily on her.

Clara hated him more than she loved him now and she was too tired to struggle with him anymore. “I allowed it! I shouldn’t have kissed him over and over again.” she thought and closed her eyes and the tears that played in her eyes now flowed freely from the side of her eyes soiling the pillow.

“People who had been sexually abused before sometimes fall prey to another abuse and in most cases they are being raped again. So you have to be careful” she recalled her counselor’s advice when she was finally able to face it and fight the pain from her childhood abuse that was taunting her.
“But here am I. Under a man against my wish. I am really stupid!” she wailed within as she opened her eyes to behold the lover who had become completely disgusting collapsing over her body and panting heavily. After some minutes he rolled away and laid on his back probably trying to catch his breath.

“You are igniting a fire that you wont be able to put out and you’ll also get burnt” now made sense to her as she pulled the bed spread with every strength left in her to cover herself as she looked for her clothes.
“I was stupid! I’m such a big fool! She kept repeating to herself, but didn’t utter a word to Ken who was still unclad and in what seems like a moment of relief.

There was blood stains on the bed and on the cloth she used to cover herself as she picked her pants and searched the room with her eyes for her other clothing. She dressed up, but several buttons were missing on her dress and her bra hook was loosened. All these didn’t matter to her and she just wanted to leave the house.

“Common, don’t give me that look” Ken finally spoke, maybe he had finally regained consciousness. But Clara kept her mute and picked her bag packing everything that had dropped back inside again.
“Why are you like this? Common.” Ken stood up and tried to walk towards her.

“Can you at least clad what is left of your shame?” Clara said amidst tears trying to pull herself together. It was only then Ken saw the blood stains on the bed.
He picked his boxers and quickly wore it.
“I thought you… I don’t know… As in… Are you still intact?” he finally got his question together.

“Can you at least give me the keys now. I need to get out of this dungeon of what you call a room.” she exclaimed her voice almost giving way.

Ken knelt apologetically before her, almost in tears “I wasn’t thinking at that moment and my emotions got the best of me. I thought you said you were abused sexually before, how come with the blood…. Sta….ins blood stains over there?” he was stuttering and feeling remorseful.

Clara stood up and gave him a big slap “you thought I was lieing? Did you think I’m just a sloth looking for an excuse for my past? I was only six then! Six years old Ken and I never had any intimacy with anyone again until you….. Until you… Until” she broke down in tears
“you were just like an angry bird that had just gained its freedom from being caged for so long. You bounced on me like you had an ought against me. I shouldn’t have trusted you! I shouldn’t have believed you!” she smiled amidst tears as she pushed him away and picked his combat shorts that she had admired on him when she came in in the morning. It was disgusting to her now and she searched the pockets for the keys.

“I don’t want to ever see you again!” she said as she unlocked the door and rushed to the main door in the sitting room, Ken running after her and pleading. He caught up with her at the door and held her legs tightly as she turned the lock on the door open.

“Ken, you’ve never seen the bitter side of me. Leave me alone before I do something crazy that you’ll never forget all your life!” she screamed and Ken let her go. He had never heard her speak in such an hoarse voice before.
It then dawned on him that he had hurt Clara badly.

It was drizzling and it was obvious it was going to rain. Clara didn’t want to board a cab, she walked in the rain for hours before she finally got home and she sat outside in the rain crying and venting out all her anger to the dropping rain.

“It’s a day I’ll never forget. I ignited the fire and I got burnt. Burnt beyond measure. Burnt and the wound will never heal.” Clara cried in the rain that started and emptied itself on her.

10 thoughts on “The Day I’ll Never Forget” by Fikayo (@@fikayomi)

  1. What can I say. It got my eyes damped. To trust someone…
    However, if I may psychoanalyze the dude. He’s got the instinct of an abuser. Getting lost in the emotions and not seeing that your partner is being damaged by your act! Thar’s not a lover but an abuser! Nice one Fikayo.

  2. Nice. Though Ken is not the only one who did not understand the ‘blood stain’ part; maybe he eventually got to understand–too bad, I’m still ignorant. Clara was abused when she was six, right?

    * She preferred it CAUSE, as a writer and a blogger…*

    – It ought to be BECAUSE.

    1. Sorry, Fikayo, I beg to differ. It takes maturity and discipline to control your urges. Any adult who cannot control his/her urges is a “dog”. Simple.
      So when a man gets a sexual urge without an consenting female he pounces on any available one be it his mom or sister? That is, without God’s grace? Let’s not abuse God’s grace when we should discipline ourselves and be matured.
      Had an experience while growing up. Was with my girl friend back in the days before I was a christian and while hugging she felt my bulge and her face suddenly went gloomy as she asked, “I’ve aroused you?”
      I shook my head. Then she added, “That means I have to help you release.” I stared at her stunned. “No, I don’t have to release. It’s normal.” My guess, someone had told her that once a guy gets aroused he must get down with a girl. Lies randy guys tell girls to sleep with them.
      Getting a hard-on is a normal physiological thing for adult male and it doesn’t have to end in a sexual act. It’s not a matter of Grace but self control maturity and discipline. Allowing your urge get the best of you is another word for no self control and a recipe for potential rapist in the making!
      Sexual attraction to the opposite gender is a blessing from God. But what you do with “it” determines who you are: Healthy or Sick?

      1. Case scenario: Two consenting adults of opposite gender decide to have sex. In the heat of the moment one backs out but the other was “lost in his/her emotions” and went on to take advantage. To me a rape or abused just took place. Adults should be able to stop when one backs out physically and verbally. No is no! Even when the emotions are at the peak!
        We become responsible adults not by grace but by self-discipline and self-control.

        1. My pleasure, Fikayo. Thank you for the story.

    2. @efiokbrythe I love this line: We become responsible adults not by grace but by self-discipline and self-control.

      Thank you for shedding more light!

  3. @efiokbrythe probably, but I think he allowed his urge get the best of him.. There’s nothing a guy can’t do at that moment of arousal; it only takes Grace to put those members under control. 😁

  4. I think @namdi is the other Ken here.

    Clara was abused at six and never had any intimacy till then and since she was scared of guys, it means she was a bit old; probably almost over due for marriage.
    Now, imagine the space between age six and what her age is that she refused to tell us. Their would have been a tightening strong enough to produce a tint of blood..

    “But Ken should have known when he was trying to have his way” I just thought about that now..
    “What do my naive, little self know about such things?” lol

    Let’s take it as “he was so carried away with the pleasure of that moment and didn’t realize until he saw the stains.

    Thank you for the correction!

  5. Rape has always been the most disgusting crime as far as I’m concerned. It’s worse than murder. More needs to be done before it becomes too late. Well done for taking on this task. Let us speak up and speak out to stop abuse in every form. Well done once again.
    P.S We also have to let victims know that it is not their fault. Being attacked by an animal does not make you a lesser person. May God help us all..

  6. @simisolaade Amen.
    It’s really disheartening how the issue of rape is being despised and no one bothers to address it.

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