Sand – Story By Dindy

Sand – Story By Dindy

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Sand a part of us,we were made from it and we shall one day turn to it,sand is more than it looks,it is very important to adults and kids.
Kids play with sand very much but some of them do not know that it will be what might actually feed them in future.I remember when I was a kid I played with sand,and believe me it was totally fun,we would get a can and use it as a pot to cook sand with no fire(mehn to be a kid is an awesome thing),the experience I had with sand as a kid was awesome,I am sure some peoples’ experience might be different,(anyone who never had the chance to play with sand as a kid has missed a lot).
Sand is still fun to play with even at adult stage;when you play football or basket ball in sandy areas you will see that there is fun in it. Why do you think beach is fun?,do you think its only because of the sea or the air or the sweet smell of the ocean?.
When you play on sand with the one you love you will understand that sand is not just little sharp and shiny or dusty substance,they are life, they give life,If no sand then we won’t have all the food we have now,the buildings won’t be possible,some plates won’t be made,glasses won’t be made. Sand is the base root of the earth,it’s also a home for the little creatures likes; the ants and worms……etc. Sand helps alot,for example: when you play or roll on sandy area injuries are less.
Sand teaches us something about togetherness;they are little but they can build industries,cities,hills,homes,roads,pillars,bridges,walls and life. They are little but they are the most important thing that makes life to be alive.
The question I ask now is why can’t we be like sand?,why can’t we think like sand?,why can’t we behave like sand?,why can’t we act like sand?,why can’t we be sand?.believe me if we start to be like sand and behave like them then there will be nothing like problems in our lives,life would be absolutely wonderful,life would be incredible,life will be easy and fast,life will be in a different dimension for us.
TOGETHERNESS IS THE BEST WAY TO SURVIVE IN LIFE SO MY PEOPLE BE LIKE A SAND………………….WRITE UP BY DINDY AKA NNAMDI………whatsapp number:07087750433…. or facebook name:ossy nnamdi…….Skype: 07087750433 or………………Twitter:@nnamdiossy

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  1. Nice message.

    * Leave a space after a punctuation mark.

    * Personally I think you use too much commas while writing. Using a comma too often makes sentences to be too long, and confusing sometimes.

    1. will look into that sir…

  2. thanks for the correction sir

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