Price Of Promise 1

Good to be back though I have a not so good reputation of not completing any series (my apologizes), I intend to complete this series. You can read all of my previous episodes at Amazing Legacy’s Blog

A new series titled: Price Of Promise begins…


Sade stretched out lazily on the bed, she didn’t know how long she stared at the ceiling hoping sleep swifts her into it’s nest but it never did. She tried sleeping after having a nightmare, a nightmare which seemed so real, she barely made it out of the state of sub-consciousness. Sade’s life is her nightmares. Every decision she ever made, every action impulse or not, every word spoken, relaying in her dreams. She wondered why? There are couple of good moments but she never dreamed of those. Only the horrible, terrifying, frightening ones. It was of no use sleeping, in a few hours, she will be at work. She needs to be early to avert the heavy traffic which accompanied the dawn of each day. She tried hard not to think of the Bualogas, they were the reason she had her amazing yet damned life she lived everyday. She had just one wish, a happily ever after with Henry Bualoga, heirloom to the Bualogas wealth and love of her life.

She knew it can never be and dared not say it out loud. She denied every question of her feelings for him because she had a life to live and loving wasn’t going to help in a thousand years. She kept the truth to herself. Henry would be back in less than a month and she would be right back to the very beginning, where it all started. Perhaps it was destined she was not suppose to live outside the comfort of it, she learned to build her life around it.

Shadows of the moonlight found it’s way into her room through the window, she focused on it, winding away time. Soon her alarm beeped. She said a long lengthy prayer then went into the bathroom. She heard voices, screaming angry voices. She recognised the voice; Yelwa Bualoga. Henry’s mother and wife to Clem Bualoga owner of Bualoga resort. She hastened up. Her mother has never had the courage to face her alone, she was scared of Yelwa.

Taking long strides to the door, Sade listened to her ramblings. When will she stop her melodrama? She thought inwardly. Why does she hate the Lomos’? She asked her mother severally and each time she changed the topic immediately. She knew Yelwa hated the Lomos’: her mother, Yemi her brother and herself. She had one goal in life and that was to use anything and everything to create mishaps for them. “May I know what this is about?” Sade asked. A man standing besides Yelwa kept emphasizing on money with his face buried in a file. Shut up already! My ears hurt from your incense babbling. Sade said to herself.

“I have made myself clear, I don’t want any excuses. I hate being dragged here for irrelevant matters” Yelwa told her mother staring at Sade with spiteful eyes and pretending to be concerned at the same time. “As if you don’t enjoy it” Sade said in a gruff voice. “A new puppet to do your bidding” She quickly added getting a better view of the man besides her.

“Sade, this gentleman will be back for his money, so you can have a roof over your lowlife worthless being” Her eyes still firmly planted on her. She replied in her frigidly tone. “This lowlife worthless being will always have a roof over her head. In case you forgot….” she paused for a second. “Your son is totally in love and obsessed with this lowlife worthless being” she whispered. Sade felt her mother pulling her back, she ignored her. Someone needs to put her in rightful place. She can’t continue riding over everyone.
“Pay up within a month if you want to live peacefully in Fagri” Yelwa said moving backwards, creating space between them. Sade scoffed.
“A month Yelwa Bualoga” she said grimacing. Yelwa gritted teeth and fists spoke of her bubbling rage. She scrambled away.
“You are creating problems for us, why can’t you keep your mouth shut?” Her mother scolded.
“Your fear gives her the nerves to ride all over you, not me” Sade rebuffed and went after Yelwa. She caught up with them. “Can I have a glimpse of that file?” She politely asked, the man stared at her then handed her the file. She shredded everything in the file to bits. He was stunned. Yelwa simply walked away.

“This resort started as a small house right here in Fagri town, handed down from generations past, the majestic, elegant, poised Bualoga resort located along the coastline was birthed” The voice of Yelwa Bualoga boomed in the hall. “Sited as the second best resort and destination of many, has indoors and outdoor recreational activities, lounges, bar, beach, waterfall, hospitable workers-“Laura zoomed out at this point. Standing at the back of the hall, she scanned the hall for Clem. It is no surprise he is absent from the gathering of business partner and other associates, journalist not left out. Laura headed to the south wing of the resort where Clem lived. Knocking on the door, there was no response. Where could he be? She thought.
She went to the tennis lawn, she found him playing. He approached on seeing her. Laura gave him a questioning gaze. Clem wiped off his beads of perspiration off his face, trying to stabilize his breath.

“Don’t give me that look” Clem told her walking to a chair.
“You ought to be with your wife right now”
“She can take care of herself.” Laura frowned.
“I am fed up of Yelwa, I have been taking her excesses way too long and that has given her the audacity to walk all over the residents of Fagri town. Our son would be home soon, she is far from changing or finding the right path. I don’t-“ His wife cut him off. “Clem” He left ignoring her. Turning sharply to Laura, she knew what was coming.
“Stay away from my husband” she spoke gritting her teeth.
“I can’t, I need to save your husband from you” She said walking away.
Yelwa stared at her fiercely as she walked away, she didn’t need a soothsayer to tell her they spoke about the Lomos’, that was the only thing they talked about. She can’t continue to be on the receiving end of his coldness.

“What is she doing here?” Clem asked Laura as she caught up with him, gesturing to Sophia who was talking with a business partner. “She is Yelwa’s new project.” She replied. Clem shook his head in pity. “Sophia is walking right into a wall, she will get hurt, and trapped with no way out.”

“I am sorry for my daughter’s behaviour” Sade’s mother Tola pleaded. She chuckled. This is the perfect time to execute my plan, they won’t know what hit them and I get to walk away free of all suspicions. I will finally have my son all to myself not share him with Sade. “There’s just one solution, leave my life forever” Yelwa spat out nonchalantly.

“We will leave, please don’t hurt my daughter” Tears welled up, she blinking them back but it was futile. Tears ran down her cheeks. A little smile crept up her face. I was expecting it, walk right into my web. How dumb can you be? A dumb mother and a careless naive daughter not a good pair. Yelwa snapped out of her thoughts. “You have twenty four hours to leave town or Sade dies. Your countdown just began”
“Please…don’t hurt my daughter…pl..please” Tola said sobbing.

“We have to talk” Tola said stepping into Sade’s room. Yemi darted his eyes between both of them, he took it as his clue to leave. “We have to leave Fagri, I have lived here all my days. Leaving is a big step, I don’t know how or where we are heading but I know we must leave” she said more to herself than her daughter. Yelwa’s word boomed in her head, she is not one to joke with her words. Her daughter will be dead in a couple of hours. “Let me guess….Yelwa said the only solution to her pains is if we leave” Sade said jerking up into a sitting position suddenly excited. “She gave you a twenty four hour countdown”

“Stop fooling around.” Her mother scolded. “I am not running mom.” she retorted. “Can you hear yourself? This is your fear speaking. I refuse to leave, my life started here and will end here. Don’t you think it is time to stand up for yourself? How long will your fear consume you?” Tola looked at her daughter, she couldn’t tell if it is fear of losing her daughter or fear of Yelwa. She frowned.

“I will leave with or without you, I won’t let you risk your life and mine.” Her mother said leaving. There is so little I can do, I have a nagging problem besides Yelwa. My stalker trailed me so close I could hear his footsteps in mine. When I swivelled, he disappeared. I know he has been following me but never so close. I have been stalked for years. I don’t know the motive of the stalker, why would anyone patiently stalk me for a long time? I must have really pissed off someone, someone who will make my last second the longest second of my life. Sade stopped musing over her thoughts and sighed tiredly.

She walked out of the room, she stopped briefly in Yemi’s room to check up on him. The wind soon picked up pace. It looked like it would rain soon. The resort was a less than a mile from her home, she hurriedly headed to it. The stalker might still be lurking. After been so close to the stalker, Sade felt scared. Yelwa isn’t the only enemy she had.
“Where are you going so late at night?” Dina asked from behind, She jumped at her voice. Where did she come from? Why do they have to be behind me? “Bualoga resort” she looked nervous. She kept glancing around like she was being trailed, is someone hot on her tail? Who could it be?

“You should be home” She said briskly, she wanted to say more but didn’t. She began hyperventilating, she took deep breaths calming her nerve. She enveloped her in a hug, a tight hug. “Are you alright? You seem nervous” she asked eagerly getting anxious. “Dina, you are scaring me. What is going on?” she looked around, no one in sight.
She will hurt you and I’m sorry I won’t be of help. I know you won’t back down, I do hope you survive. Dina almost let out the words. “Be careful, you know what’s lurking every second?” she walking into the night. She looked at her confused, did something happen at the resort? She asked herself.
Sade hastened her steps to the resort. Nothing usual, she went in search of Mr Bualoga. She found him whispering to Laura as she barged into his home. Dina never hides anything from me, now whispering? Something is definitely on. She frowned. They shared a look, she stood akimbo in front of them, demanding explanations.

“Is there something new I should know?” there was no response. “ I saw Dina on my way here, she was scared and it looked like she was running. Your wife threatened my mom, I have less than twenty four hours to my death. Nothing can be worse than that” Sade growled.

“Good job Sophia” Yelwa said happily high-fiving her. They were seated in the far end of the beach, it was less noisy. Sophia had followed Dina, making sure she got home. She didn’t know if she should tell her Sade spoke to her. She wasn’t sure what her plans were. “What next?” Sophia asked. Yelwa raised a brow at her question, her curiosity was getting the best part of her, not a good sign. She probably knows too much. “Call the police and watch the fun begin”
“Who is taking the fall?” My project is no longer a novice, she ask too many question, knows too much and talks too much. I need to take care of her soon, I can’t risk exposure because of her curiosity. “You ask too many questions. Be prepared for two funerals and an arrest” she said sipping her drink.

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