The ten year old stared at his father innocently, wondering why his Dad wasn’t on suit and tie. Rather a makeshift worse to wear outfit that was definitely not his style. The dropping tears from his mother’s eyes made him remember the nights  she cried in her room without him knowing how to pacify her.

His sudden  series of questions hurt both his parent so much they wished he wasn’t there with them.

Dad, why have you abandoned us?

Why don’t you come home any more?

Why are you always putting on this clothes?

What did we do wrong?

Mum cries every night but you are not there to appease her like you do to me.

With tears flowing from his father’s eyes unable to answer his questions, he watched his father being led away again by a uniformed man.    Oh Prison!!!

3 thoughts on “Pain” by Melekan (@Melekan)

  1. * I would have liked it more if you showed, without telling, that the man is in prison.

    * I could start an argument with this: A ten year old is far too old to ask those questions.

  2. This story is touchy but the child’s age isn’t appropriate. What a pain it is for the Father to witness this!

  3. Really Sad. What could have happened?

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