Immediately, she began applying for a job. She couldn’t sit down at home and fold her hands and so using the little money she had saved, Mum ventured into trading just to earn a living. At night, while I pretend to be asleep, mummy will hold my hands, praying and crying. She never cried in my presence, was and is a strong woman and my role model. Fortunately her prayer was answered; she got an appointment with a firm in Canada.

Four months later we relocated to Canada. Am not one who fall ill; however just few weeks upon our arrival, I had caught the flu and was seriously ill. She checked me into the hospital to see a doctor and that was how mum met my dad, Dr. Jideofor. Seeing how emotional mum was, Dr. Jideofor had called every day to inquire about my health and we soon became best of friends. Several weeks have passed when he came to ask me “Nate my boy, may I please take your mum to dinner?” He knew I was the key to mummy’s heart. Of course I said yes; I liked Daddy from the first day I saw him and somehow knew he will be good for mum.

Finally, after ten months of daddy patiently working his way into mum’s heart, gaining her trust and proving to her that there is true love after all; daddy proposed. Mum glanced at me and I nodded my head in agreement; then she said yes with tears rolling down her eyes. It was two months to my 6th birthday and so the wedding was slated on my birthday.

They were in love and happy. Two years later, my little sister was born and another two years later, we welcomed my little brother. I grew up in the counsel of my mum who managed to be both mum and dad for 5years before dad came along. She never gave me a reason to doubt her love for me or feel rejected. Daddy was a role model. He taught me what being responsible meant; directed me in God’s ways and I am grateful to have them as my parents. When I was fourteen, mum and dad had gone on vacation to Paris. My favorite shirt was nowhere to be found so I decided to check Mum’s closet. I haven’t ransacked her closet for five minutes when I discovered a diary; it was Mum’s. I began to read the story of my life right from the moment she found out she was having a baby, Me.

The content in the diary broke me, it broke my heart. I knew mum had suffered a lot but I never imagined she went through so much pain. She was always strong, acted strong. Right there, I promised myself to become the best child anyone could possibly have. I recognized the fact that lots of women if in her shoes would have either have gone through with the abortion, had the baby and abandon him or resent him for the rest of his life. I became extremely grateful knowing that me being there was a choice she made; she could have chosen another.

I finished high school, went to college, got a degree and went to med school. Dad has always inspired me so I have always wanted to be a surgeon. I graduated as the best student in med school and got a job as an intern almost immediately. That was four years ago. Today, I am a surgeon; my dreams finally came true. About five months ago, I received a call “Hello, this is Dr. Nate, who am I unto please” “My Son, is me, your dad… My name is Frank” I could not believe my ears. Is this real? “Am sorry Sir, you’ve got the wrong man. My dad’s name is Dr. Jideofor” I retorted immediately and ended the conversation.

Mr. Frank was a rich business man. I have always wondered how he got my number and other private information; I guess he hired a private investigator. After several attempts to get me to talk, he went to my church and pleaded with the head pastor to intervene; he wanted my forgiveness and Mum’s too. The head pastor had summoned me and mum, so I took mum and dad to the church. Mr. Frank was already seated, so I went ahead to say what I had to say “Good day everyone. I am going to be very direct and brief. I was informed by Pastor that you Mr. Frank, thinks I hold a grudge against you. I must say, I do not bear any grudge against anyone including you. I forgave you a long time ago; Mum had told me not to bear any form of hatred against you and that was what I did. Notwithstanding, the only father I know and will acknowledge, is Dr. Jideofor. Fathering a child and being a father are two different things to me. While Mr. Frank fathered me, Dr. Jideofor is my father, Thank you all”. Mum spoke a bit too and we left. For all I know, Mr. Frank was a total stranger.

Mum is presently in the United States to attend a book reading. She will be back on Saturday evening and so I and dad are planning a big surprise for her. Everyone will be attending including her brothers and parents who she hasn’t seen for three years now; she doesn’t know that yet. She is the best and she deserves only the best.



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  1. Yes, fathering a child and being a father ie a dad are completely two different things. The former gives a seed in a few minutes of pleasure while the latter gives his time, heart and soul all through a lifetime! Nice work! Kudos Jessica.

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