He came, He saw but She CONQUERED


The cunning leopard lurked in the bushes

He had eyes on his prey

He kept watching…waiting for the perfect time to pounce

The clueless gazelle, eyelashes batting, walked gracefully,

Peacefully admiring the shrubs…she thought it was beautiful

She never would have thought such a beautiful scenery

Would harbour something so cruel until she spotted it

Like the saying goes, a leopard never changes its spots

Well, let’s just say nature has a part to play in that

For she spotted him, hidden behind the beautiful bushes of wild yellow lilies

The gazelle was afraid, but run, she resolved she would not

So on and on she batted her lashes

The leopard seeing this got more excited,

She was going to make a delicious brunch and maybe dinner

For her meat was succulent and not to be eaten in a rush

But he would have preferred if she ran at the sight of him

He would have loved to put to use his hunting prowess

But there she stood in all grace and comeliness

And so the game took and interesting turn…

“Hello Beauty”

A voice came from behind her…

Batting her lashes she turned around

And there he stood, a pretty white lamb he was.

She smiled…

“Can we take a walk?” he said

“Oh sure…”she said half trembling but still batting her long luscious lashes

And on they walked, each one thinking of what next to do

Each one praying the odds be in their favour

But one thing was certain to the gazelle…

That gentle little lamb walking beside her wasn’t who he appeared to be

“Can we go into that cave, it’s a bit cold out here”

She paused, she looked, the cave was familiar…

Her friend with whom she once admired the shrubs with lay there,

She had heard the rumours a few moons back

What now lay there was just a memory of her

Her flesh was perfectly licked of what was now dehydrated white bones

Her legs grew wobbly

“Ok sure” she replied and as you already know still batting her lashes

And off they went, into the cave.

Slowly, so slowly, the night came upon them

The last night for her she hoped not

In there He serenaded her, he sweet-talked her

She was falling for it, or so he thought

Dinner will soon be served he said to himself

And under that coat of a lamb he wore, lay a wicked grin

“When are you having dinner?” she asked

“Oh, soon dear, veerry soon”…he replied trying not to sound c

“Ok then, please do hurry, I am hungry myself” she said in response

“But first here’s a vile of a special ingredient” she said

“My grandma says it works magic, you’d feel so good,

and your dinner will take you places as it settles in your tummy” she said.

She took a gulp herself and handed the rest to the “lamb”

He paused, but at the thought of the feeling she had just painted,

he took a large gulp, emptying the bottle.

*cough, cough*

Anything the matter? She asked

“Y…e…s, it stings” he replied.

She moved a few steps away, it was working

Soon his lamb coat wore off

“What have you done to me?” he asked

She moved a few steps further away

He snarled, tried to pounce but he fell with a loud thud

She gave a wry smile, waited to be sure he was powerless and moved forward

With one graceful feet up, she placed it on his face

He was too weak to move,

“That was the nightshade potion” she said

He had a weak quizzical look on his face

He had heard of the potion but had never seen it his whole life

It was deadly to his kind and harmless to others

She had a winning smile on her face now, her leg still on his face

“What was that you said about dinner again?”

“Who’s dinner now?”

He had grown weak to even mutter a response, its only a matter of time now

She prodded his face, turned around and walked out of the cave

****Eyelashes batting****






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  1. Loved the twist in the tale. Nice piece Mayree.

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