Fulfilling God’s Purpose For Your Life

Fulfilling God’s Purpose For Your Life

Until you realized God’s purpose and plans for your life you will never reach the destination God has ordained for you to be. How can you realize God’s plan for you when you don’t even have relationship with Him?? God only reveals His plan to those who have relationship with Him through the Lord Jesus Christ. Everyone of us has been ordained to fulfill destiny but it takes personal relationship with God for us to see what He had for us for the future. Unfortunately many are still wallowing in sin because they’ve never realize the greater plans God has for them while there are many Christians who are still living mediocre lifestyles because they have never asked or prayed to God for Him to reveal His plans for their lives. Jesus Christ is the perfect example of a child of destiny, He knew God’s plan and purpose for His life is to die for the sin of the whole world, there are distractions and hindrances but He never allowed them to deter him from fulfilling God’s plan for Him. So when you realized God’s plan and purpose for your life always know that the devil is always ready to shift your focus from fulfilling it but be rest assured that God’s grace and strength is always available for you.
There is a vacuum that is in your life that no man or woman can ever fill but God alone, have you ever feel empty or lonely or alone?? What have you done about it?? Look for a woman or man to fill that space?? Do you realized that you still felt the same?? You will very much understand that no woman or man can fill that empty space or vacuum in your life but God alone. It simply shows that your life is empty of God’s presence and you need to allow Him to be part of your life. Stop looking for solution from anywhere to cure your loneliness or your emptiness when God is ever near your heart.
Do you want to fulfill destiny?? Then you must allow God to have that empty space in your life.
Do you want to be a blessing to others?? Then you must allow God to fill that vacuum in your life.
Do you want to live a purposeful and fulfilling life?? Then you must allow God to fill that emptiness in you.
As you allow God to be part of you, may you fulfill the purpose and plan of God for your life like Nick Vujicic, Pastor Kumuyi, Pastor Adeboye, Don Moen, Michael W. Smith and others in our contemporary time in Jesus name(Amen).
God bless and stay blessed!!

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  1. is the message only for christians.

    1. Nope!!
      It’s also for non-Christians

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