Earth becomes earth

Earth becomes earth


Earth child heavens soul
Earth Becomes earth

Tell my story in the clouds,
Recount my adventures with merriment,
Build my story like courage in their hearts,
How I conquered, and toiled Mother Earth,
Never let them forget a day,
as you lift their spirits in the eulogy of my courageous days,
When all we knew was ourselves,
Strength in the unison in diversity of ourselves,
But listen Ochewu,
Do not let them see the bruises of the tear line on our face when we cried,
It is the price of our wanting to stay a little longer with them,
Desist from the tales of our turmoil Akpite,
Those are the sacrifices for the bond that love creates,
Instead let them see the beauty of life,
the opportunity to give thanks to the giver of life,
the chance to play with you and the children,
And the chance to give my heart to you while God holds my soul my love.

2 thoughts on “Earth becomes earth” by Dotun Nuga (@Shungodotun)

  1. Levuz (@Levuz)

    Fantastic. Life is a mixture of good and bad.
    “When it is bad, tell us. When it is good – tell others!” Companies would say.

    1. Dotun Nuga (@Shungodotun)


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