And Another Love Story (7)

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Oye knocked the door to Juliet’s compartment before remembering that she’d always told him to make use of the doorbell. She opened the glass door without frowning at his offense, rather, she wore a disturbed look.

“What is wrong?” Oye inquired, before taking his seat. He wasn’t so sure if he had expected her to ask the same question.

“Oye.” She started, refusing Oye’s gesture for her to take a seat too, I have been feeling very dizzy these days.” Her arms were crossed at her chest.

“Yes?” He responded, now confident that the topic had nothing to do with his wife. He had expected himself to see bruises and scars on Juliet’s skin, as a sign of Tina’s visitation.

“I vomited twice last Friday and went to the clinic this morning.” She watched as Oye shifted unsteadily in his chair. “I’m pregnant.”

Oye jerked up from his sitting posture. Sweat suddenly clouded his forehead, he didn’t bother wiping those sweats with the back of his palm as he usually did when an handkerchief wasn’t available. “And what is mine about that?”

“What?!” She yelled; “I have your baby in my womb.” She reached for the top of her television and retrieved a piece of paper, then she offered it to him. Oye looked through it immediately, she was two months pregnant – Two months ago, Oye and Juliet had had the greatest sexual escapades of their lives. He had claimed a three day business trip at home and enjoyed himself fully here with Juliet, but Oye’s disturbed mind did not remember that quickly. Although, there was no way he could claim not to be the father of Juliet’s unborn child, considering the many other sexual experiences they had both shared. He sat on his chair again, fingers intertwined and bent below his chin, making a support for his average sized head. He kept numb for about three minutes.

As if she counted every second that occupied his silence, Juliet shouted restively; “Say something Oye!”

“What is there to say?” He thought aloud, this was the climax of his frustrations. His beloved wife was at home, refusing to abort the pregnancy that belonged to another man, and here was his girlfriend, pregnant for him and surely expecting him to welcome her into his house. “What have you planned to do about it?”

“You’d tell me.” She said, as if she was ready to comply with whatever he instructed, but recollecting the gravity of her words, she edited it in her thoughts and quickly voiced; “But Oye, I can’t abort!”

“Abort?” He asked the both of them, “I can’t tell you to abort. Just keep calm and relax. I would tell you what to do. In the meantime, please avoid stress, in fact, beat down stress to the barest minimum.” He reached for his back pocket and retrieved twenty thousand naira from his wallet, he offered it to her and sat still. He didn’t say anything further before his exit.


Tina’s eyes twitched. She turned her head and found that she was lying on a white bed sheet. She quickly rose from it.

“Where am I?” She asked the man sited beside her bed.

“You’re awake!” The man yelled, “Well, you almost had an accident.”

“But it wasn’t an accident,” she responded, remembering the incidence on the road.

“Yes, but you were really shocked at the event. You practically fainted before we got to the hospital.”

“Ooh, I can remember you.” She wiped her face and lowered herself back to bed, “You offered to drive me.”

“Yes,” the man gave a broad smile, as if she had called him her hero. “You have a sharp memory.” He added.

“When shall I leave here?”

“The Doctor said as soon as you’re awake and fine.”

“I am awake, and fine!” She rose from her sleeping posture again, to convince the man, but he gestured her to still remain comfortable.

“No need to hurry, the time is twelve thirty a.m already madam.”

“I have to leave please, I hate hospitals.”

“No problem ma. Let me inform the doctor. But why do you need to go around this time? In my own opinion, you need rest.” What Mr. Rollins didn’t say was that he was still enjoying staring at her face, and her leaving would put an end to that.

“Has my husband called?” She inquired quickly.

“No single missed call ma. Just a message from one Mabel, but I didn’t read the message.”


“We tried your husband’s number three times, but he didn’t pick until his line responded ‘switched off’”

“I hate hospitals.” She told herself, wondering where she would go to after now.

“May I drive you to your house tonight?” He requested politely.

“Not really. I am going to lodge in any nearby hotel.” She responded without thinking.

Mr. Rollins cleared his throat; “What about my house ma? You would like it there. My daughter has called since, she’s bothered that I’ve not been home, I have told her what happened and she has asked several questions about you already, I am sure she would like to meet you.”

Tina smiled. When she suggested an hotel earlier, what she wanted was just anything away from Oye’s side. With the new offer, she smiled at the imagination of seeing the cute creature appreciating her presence in the house of this tall, dark and handsome man with neatly trimmed mustache. Then the picture of the man’s wife came into her imagination – the way the man’s wife would be frowning and saying ‘Who is this dear?’ with an ugly negative suspicion on her face. Tina didn’t care, as long as she knew within herself that she wasn’t cheating on anyone. She looked forward to such an interesting encounter.

“Alright then.” She accepted to a jubilantly smiling Mr. Rollins.


Continues in one final installment…

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