Why I Want To Be Bad 14







How I slept off? I have no idea. All I really remember is staggering home after the Agbaya incident and collapsing on my bed with the intention of resting a bit, next thing I recall is waking up by 9pm. I knew the time only because I have a habit of making sure my phone is by my bed side before I sleep so whenever I wake up the first thing I do is pick it up and check my notifications. I’m what you might call an online celebrity so I get lots of notifications.


Having woken up, my mind was blank for a few seconds giving me peace for a short while before it all came back to me in a flash. I was still a big poo… In fact, my entire existence was just a bullshit!


Firstly, I knew something that was kind of really disturbing. Henry screwed Mary-Anne; Maxwell’s roommate and even though I should be happy stuffs like that is happening to Maxwell, I can’t help but wonder why people can be so untrustworthy or maybe it’s just the strange butterflies I now feel in my stomach anytime I think of him. I don’t know what my problem is but I think I’ve developed true feelings for Maxwell to the extent of me being jealous of the way he has been giving both Mary-Anne and Funmi all the attention and giving me nothing but a few hateful glares or so it seemed.


But even that was just a tip of the iceberg as I had bigger problems.


Simply put, I had the choice of sleeping with Agbaya and graduating with a very comfortable Second-class upper or even a first class if he really performs some magic or not doing as told and end of spending more years than necessary in the school.


Both options weren’t nice enough and I had no idea what to do so I decided to do one thing I know how to do best; Drink.


I had no alcohol in my house and had no energy to go buy so I called Innocent, one junkie friend of mine who never hesitated to get me drunk whenever I called.


I closed my eyes after the call as I waited for Innocent’s arrival. The thing is the guy is a junkie, so I was pretty sure he wasn’t to bring only alcohol and having ignored his advances for months, I wasn’t so sure I could do that with alcohol and drugs in my system.






Wearing a black tank top and a sky blue ripped bump short that was ripped in such a way one would think it’s best to have just gone naked, Ayo sure looked like a stripper.


This of course wasn’t even relatively surprising as I had seen her clad in more exposing clothes in the past. She was pretty endowed from the behind and had a fairly large ‘front’ to complement the back. She knew this so her defence for her nudity was always, if you have it, why not flaunt it?


The problem with her being at my door step is she was supposed to be at Ghana schooling but here she was, sitting on her big box with a blank look on her face.


“Am I safe?” I asked as I got closer to her.


“Just open the door and let’s go in,” she said, “we need to talk.”








Innocent. What an ironic name, was a good friend of mine who has always been interested in me. I first met him at church camp a few months back. He was one of those fine and hot boys who came to camp just to bang naïve girls with their borrowed cars and chicken change.


I knew all of this but still allowed him to come as close as smooching me quite intensely and we would have gone further if one of the camp security men hadn’t popped out of nowhere and chased us away… I even forgot my bra in the process. The thing is he had this sense of humour that would sweep any girl of her feet and this is me trying really hard not to mention his dimples, I can kill for a guy with dimples.


Ink, as he preferred to be called, sat comfortably on my huge bed which filled almost half of the entire room. He had already removed his backpack and placed it on his laps as he watched me struggle to avoid eye contact with him. I was a bit nervous and knew this meeting of ours won’t end well as we usually met in public places but it was late and I really needed to forget all my problems even if it was for a short while… Something only drugs and alcohol could do.


“So are you going to sit or what?” He asked as I put in a Nigerian music mix disc into the home theatre. I knew he hated Nigerian songs so I assumed the song would kill his vibe. He always said the artistes had nothing important to say to him.


“So what’s in your bag?” I asked in response.


“You are going to have to sit down first,” He said looking unimpressed.


I sat down beside him on the bed.


“Happy now?”


“Almost,” He replied flatly.


He unzipped the bag and pulled out a bottle of cough syrup. I stared at him with keen interest as he sat upright and dropped his bag on the floor. He then opened the cough syrup and drank almost half of the bottle in three huge gulps. There was no way he was drinking the cough syrup that way because of he really had cough and even if he did have cough, that was an obvious overdose.


When he was done, he handed the bottle over to me and then picked up his bag. This time a bottle of Grey Goose vodka came out… Something I know.


“Drink up already!” He insisted as he noticed I hadn’t even uncorked the cough syrup.


“What’s this?” I asked, “When last I checked, I didn’t have cough.”


He busted out laughing, “ode! It’s not for your cough. Its cough syrup with codeine and you called me telling me you want to get wasted, right?”


I nodded.


“Well, that’s exactly what codeine would do,” he said with a smile, “now, drink up! We have other things to do.”


I was reluctant but I know I asked for it so I took a small sip. He laughed at me and urged me to take a larger sip which I did and almost ended up finishing the whole bottle before I could stop.


“Now that’s done, let’s make this drinking thing a bit fun,” He said.




He looked around the room as if searching for an answer then he spotted the pack of cards on my table. “Let’s play cards, whoever loses, drinks.”


It sounded like a fair deal, so I stood up and walked to the table where the cards were.


“And err… Please change this rubbish you are playing on the home theatre, you can use my phone if you don’t have anything else,” he said frowning. I laughed but still changed it. I assumed I had tortured him enough.


Having picked up the cards and changed the music, I sat down back on the bed and the games started.


We had an argument over the quantity of alcohol each loser should drink. I wanted a lot less than he offered but we somehow managed to find a balanced quantity.


I won the first round and laughed as he nearly choked on his own vodka. I lost the second and the third round but that’s all I lost till like the ninth round when he suggested we increase the quantity of the alcohol.


I assumed it was his male ego that was speaking since I’m aware men have issues with women who are better at them in anything. So I agreed to his offer, after all, I was already on a winning streak.


He’ll only end up drinking a lot more, I thought.


I lost the first game after the increment but won the next two, then something started happening. I started losing an awful lot more.


It was at this point he picked up his bag and brought out something else. A sachet of blue pills which he quickly popped two before handing the sachet over to me.


“Don’t swallow it, lick it,” he instructed. “It’s tasteless so don’t worry about it being bitter.”


My vision was already hazy considering the codeine and alcohol already in my system and I knew I shouldn’t have gone ahead to lick the pill but for some strange reasons I couldn’t turn down the offer, besides, I was a little curious. He already popped two of the pill so what’s the worst that could happen if I took only one?


With that on my mind, I popped one of the pills and our game continued. This time, it was a bit more balanced as we drank almost equally.


“This game is getting boring,” Ink said suddenly, “let’s make it more interesting.”


“What do you have in mind?” I asked, I noticed my speech was all blur. The drugs in my system were all taking effect and I loved the feeling. I knew I had problems but could not remember what they were anymore.


“Let’s add something new, if you lose, you have the option of drinking or doing something I ask you to do,” He suggested grinning.


Once again, I wanted to object but I just couldn’t, I was having so much fun and didn’t want it to end so I agreed.


I lost first and he asked me to remove my top, which I did. He had seen and grabbed my boobs before so it wasn’t a big deal, or so it seemed.


He lost next and I asked him to strip totally, well, except his boxers. He did as told.


I lost next and he asked for a kiss. I leaned closer to him and pecked him on the cheek, he objected to this and added he meant a French kiss. I couldn’t do that so as not to send the wrong signals so I drank.


I lost once more and this time he asked for a lap dance. That was easy, I thought. So I changed the music to a more suitable one and went down to business.


As I danced, his hands started roaming all over my body, I stopped his hands a few times when he got close to my boobs or my panties. I wore a mini skirt so his hands getting to my panties was easy.


After stopping his hands from going too far a few times, I was done with the lap dance and the game resumed.


Thankfully, I won the next round and asked him to twerk for me. He laughed and simply drank promising to go ballistic on me the next time I lost which wasn’t long.


True to his words, he asked for a strange thing this time. He asked I grant him permission to hold my boobs with my bra on.


At this point of the game, my eyes were heavy, my vision blur, and I was so weak I feared I would pass out if I drank anymore. He had held my boobs before all bare so this wasn’t going to be any different, I told myself as I gave him the go-ahead nod.


He stood up and approached me from behind. He sat so close I could feel his breath on my neck as he slowly moved his hands in a highly sexual way all over my body, except my boobs.


He kissed me softly on the neck and I shrugged. That always turned me on, I felt in-between my thighs getting all moist.


He furthermore went on to kiss almost every part of my body, inch by inch until he got to my lips. My first instinct was to push him away but maybe my lips misunderstood the instructions my brain gave it as I found myself kissing him back.


He unhooked my bra in one swift movement and slowly pushed my back to the bed as he changed position and came from the front this time.


We kissed for a long while with his hands squeezing my boobs so delicately before he slowly slid down and licked my clits with the tip of his tongue. With such expertise, he sure deserved an award. I could feel a flood rising in-between my thighs.


Just when I thought that’s the best he could do with my boobs, he started sucking them at rapid intervals as one of his hands went down in-between my thighs and started doing just the right things.


I was so horny right now that I agreed within myself that there was no going back now and I wanted to be fucked real hard.


Luckily for me, he was already on his boxers since I had instructed him to strip so I let my hands wander down to his boxers till I could feel his dick. Damn! It was big!


I pulled it out of his boxers and started stroking it, he caught up with the rhythm and started sucking my boobs more vigorously. As he sucked one, he squeezed the other and still his other hand was still doing stuffs in-between my thigh. I just wanted him in me badly.


“Fuck me,” I moaned in his ears.


He ignored me for a bit but then he suddenly stopped everything and climbed on top of me. He used his hand to move my panties to one side before slowly sliding his huge rod in me.


It was slow thrusts at first as things were tight and painful at first but in seconds, it all loosened up as my thighs accommodated his rod more comfortably.


His thrusts grew faster at a steady pace and after about twenty minutes straight, he finally hit the spot as I felt a tingly feeling in-between my thighs and a massive eruption occurred.


I’m a squirter, so everywhere got really wet and sticky. He had to pull out but I wasn’t done with him.


I went to the bathroom, cleaned up a bit, came back into the room, took two quick shots of the Grey Goose and this time I decided to take charge and maybe teach him a few tricks.


I let him watch as I seductively pulled my panties, exposing a well shaven pubic region with bulging lips. My boobs stood all firm with my Tips all swollen.


I walked closely to him and knelt before him. I asked him to fully remove his boxers which he did with no questions.

Then I took his rod in my hand with a firm grip, stroking it slowly while I pushed a few loose strands of hair back into its pack.


With my eyes fixed on his, I licked the tip of his rod with my tongue before taking all of it into my mouth. I sucked the rod with so much passion he had no choice other than cum in just a minute or so… I laughed.


His rod was still erect after the Mouth Action so I mounted it in reverse cowgirl style, riding it so hard he had to beg me to slow down… I ignored him of course and rode harder until he grabbed me and turned me around, he thrust from the behind, bleeping me like he hated me.


I don’t know how we left the bed but next thing I know, I had my back on the wall with on leg raised high and of course, he was thrusting me from the front this time.


After making me cum twice, he finally stated he was about to cum and after a few faster thrusts he pulled out of me just in time as some sticky milky liquid flew out of his rod accompanied by him making some strange sounds.

He immediately jumped on the bed and passed out.



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