The Unrequited Love Part 2

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As we got out of the restaurant, trying hard to put a friendly smile on my face. I was really feeling comfortable. Because I could feel no rumblings again in my stomach.
As I proffered my right hand for a warm handshake, she received it with eagerness. When my palm landed on hers, I lost my mind just as a gun powder does after gunshots. I was carried away when I felt the softness of her palm, soft like that of a baby’s shawl, it reminds of the days I used to feel and touch the shawl of my newborn niece sometimes around 2014. Her palms were indeed worthy of throwbacks. I held it for 2 minutes without releasing. But na God save man, I quickly regained my consciousness before she could say and complain about the firm held of her hand for a long time.

At 3:00pm, Having got out the restaurant, we were now outside the restaurant premises, scrolling down along the roadside, this was the time ascertain that she was really pretty, as the air that fast moving vehicles produced when on an high speed waved past our faces. Remember, we still held ourselves hand-in-hand. I couldn’t just resist the temptation to ask her for a free time I could see her. and that I would love to see her one more time
“This lady must not sip through my fingers just like that” I had thought to myself and later on, reassured myself. God forbid that I would meet a lady, discuss with her for several minutes already heading towards 1 hour and that will be the last time we would see ourselves. one needs to be very careful with things like that.
“I will be free by next week Saturday and less hectic” she said after much thoughts over what I had just asked her. She first resented this, but later capitulated after much persuasions.
“Is that so? If that is the case, I would like to meet you at the famous Ali Baba Cinemas and Movie Concerts Show by 7:00pm. I think a music stage productions is going to take place on that day.
We both finally agreed to the meeting plan.
The week was the slowest one I had ever passed through in my entire life, as I was fast becoming more nervous to seeing this day. I really know the day is gonna turn out well.
“So, I will be privileged to see this beautiful lady again. Wow!! A lady that summoned someone to ask whether her father was from space, because she is like replica of an angel” I said in a soliloquizing manner.

This very day, that I have had sleepless nights upon finally came, I had freshen and dressed up for the show at the cinema, I took a last look at myself on the mirror. Walahi, I make sense die. I could have been many woman’s dream on that day. As I was on my best outfit that day.
After, we met her at the designated place, we took a taxi to the cinema about few kilometres away.
On getting to the cinema, we the heard soft tunes the DJ was playing in readiness for the show.
We bought our tickets and entered. We enjoyed with a lot of delicacies and goodies we were being served. The show went into the night. So, at around 11:00pm, the dancefloor was full, I quickly grasp her hands, and drew her to the podium without seeking for her permission initially, I hugged and cuddled her together, and we tried move to the rhythm of the music’s beat. She is a good dancer, I confess that. Three hours later, the show came to an halt, it was an enjoyable one while it lasted and we finally came to point of exchanging contact details.

Weeks rolled into months and months rolled into years, we had become quite inseparable that hardly would a day pass without having words with for about 30 minutes on daily basis.
I was in this same restaurant, where we ate together the day I met her when I expressed my feelings to her in radiantly astonishing words.
“Aanu, do you know I care a great deal about you” I said, trying to pick the right words to use and make sure my grammars flow normal. It is a big shame to throw grammars gunshots in the presence of the lady you are asking out.
“I love you and I really want us to be lovers” I said again as I rubbed my hands, a bit nervous.
“Eee! But I don’t understand, I mean we can’t date. Just friends and I don’t want anything beyond this, please drop it” she beckoned on me with annoyance.
I was shocked and dumbfounded when I heard this.
“So, I won’t get this lady after so much fuss over nothing, but to no avail.” I thought.
She even threatened me of quitting the friendship if I still persist in asking her again.
I don’t just want to lose her. Her intimacies geared me up to finally deject. And I brought up a juicy topic afterwards.

So much correlation with the title “An Unrequited Love” it means and depicts according to the Longman Dictionary Contemporary English: — A love you have for someone, who doesn’t love you back in return, and it’s not mutual. That was indeed the major cause of my illness, I pray I recover from this shock.
She had infiltrated the impregnable walls of my heart. And my intimacies with her were one of the few which still linger in my memory.
I couldn’t just help, I had to accept my kismet no matter what.

Written by Agbaje Ayomide.
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