The Unrequited Love Part 1

At 5:30 AM today, in the wee early hours of the morning, I lie supine on my bed, my head propped up by a pillow, gazing at the ceiling, pushing up my lower lip with my index finger by a slight force, as tears dropping down my hilly cheeks in ceaseless flow, just observing my quiet time. I could feel the grief in my heart as I write. Having gotten on the verge of a 3-days intake of injections, my right buttock is now aching me, I couldn’t sleep well over the night. I also received some medications as prescribed by my physician because I am a little bit sick. I had been so much devastated, and I think the cause of the illness is about a princess whom I was madly drunk in love with. So, I finally summoned to the urge of putting how we stumbled on each other and perhaps my feelings after something painful occurred into writing and share it with you guys. And also make sure it gets publicly published on This Nigerian stories’ blog is the fastest growing blog with large number of readers and guests. By doing this, I believe the feelings is no more mine to bear alone and could be a major relief to me.
This chronicles a life event.

As I was walking along the roadside on one such a day that has been such a pretty hectic busy day. I felt some rumblings in my stomach, and I was sure I would collapse on my way home if I didn’t get some foods stuffed down my throat. And it was quite fortunate for me to have a restaurant around. As I felt the texture of my hip pocket first, and I could ascertain that the last #1000 note that was left with me was still there.

No time to waste and before I knew what was happening I had found myself in the restaurant, I headed straight to the counter first, placed my order and bought a plate of fried rice and chicken with fried dodo sliced on top of it. Also I complemented the meal with a plastic bottle of chilled Coca-Cola, all served in a tray as I was trying to suppress my gluttony.

As I dashed to find a bare seat to sit. I so much adore the setup of tables and chairs in the restaurant— 2 chairs with one facing the other around 1 table. So, when I caught a grimace of a beautiful lady with an angelic face, worn up by a moderate make-up, wearing a casual pink gown with white stripes, she had plaited the famous Ghana Weaving style, sitting down alone on a table that had one bare seat, gently scooping rice into her mouth with elegance. It was love at first sight. Her name was Aanuoluwapo.

I quickly changed my walking steps, walked with more ‘swagger’ and inched closer to her to seek for her permission. Also, I wasn’t looking bad then, I had wore my slim fitted white shirt and black trousers with my best pair of Italian smart shoes. My Afro hairstyle, in which some people tagged as “old school” was well brushed and looked shinny. Much thanks to the producer of my hair cream.
“Good afternoon”, I greeted her with nice sounds of words.
There was no response from her.
“This lady must be a shy one” I thought to myself, but wetin concern man with that one, I made my request known to her
“Can I join you on your table, please” I asked after clearing my throat in order to make my words flow normal. Forming my best British accent.
She nodded in affirmative to my request. She was neither saying a word to me nor even raise head up to look at my face. Wetin concern men with that one too. Ours is to achieve the desired effects.

I got myself seated, I was also gently taking mouthfuls of rice with my swagger as we were facing each other. I couldn’t afford to finish my meal so fast.

Halfway through my meal, I wanted this lady to look into my face and at least say a word to me. Torrents of ideas had been flashing through my mind. I didn’t know how to accomplish this. At last! It happened thatI found one. Always a clever man.
I quickly made my spoon to clatter on my plate in order to catch her attention. I began to gape at her, widened my eyes to intensify the stare. That she could no longer pretend not to notice it.
“What happen and why are you staring at me like that?” she said, looking into my eyes.
My mission was accomplished.
Her words are enough to resurrect a dead body. It was like a catalyst that had altered the activation energy of my emotional reactions.
“I was staring at the way you were holding your cutlery, I didn’t there were still Nigerians who could uniquely hold them like you”. Meanwhile, that wasn’t what I was look at, something else had caught my attention in the long run.
“Thanks you” she said giving a dazzling smile as her lips parted and unveiled a set of white teeth.
I was very attracted to that.
At the end of our meals, having brought up many jokes and discussions during the course our meal. She stood up, as we walked hand-in-hand to the entrance of the eatery. I clasped my hand around hers the more. Pesin no dey dull at all.
To be continued…
Full of suspense…

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  1. Agbaje Agbaje, I like this your story. Edit well in the next episode.
    Following the suspense….

    Ps: I hope you are well.

  2. Thanks for the sound advice, Venessa. I’m glad to find you following the suspense.

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