My True Love (6)

I’m dreading the closing hour. Since I started working in the corporate world, 5pm has been my favourite hour of the day, but today I dread it. 5 means I not only stop work, it also means I have an unwanted dinner partner awaiting me.
Whether I’ll meet him here or at home, I don’t know.

As I head down with Ashley, we talk about the intriguing account she had today. Just talking to while away time, talking to ignore the heavy beat of my heart as we near the parking lot.

“Since I’ve been born, I haven’t see a dude as hot as that one…and that’s saying a lot.” Ashley adds, openly staring at some man.

I really don’t care, I just want to go home on time so if Jase is coming here, he won’t find me and I can always hide at home, if he comes there looking for me.

“I don’t know which is hotter. The man or his car…and he’s coming here!” She almost screechs and I want to escape her, my eardrums are suffering from the assault.

“Mira, oh my God! He’s heading over. Am I good or what?” She’s smirking at me.

There’s pride in her voice and unconciously I roll my eyes then turn to look at who’s gotten her attention.

Oh my God! And not in a good way. Maybe in a good way because he looks hot…and he’s not supposed to be here, atleast not early!

“I don’t think he’s coming for me as he hasn’t looked away from you.” She whispers as he draws near.

I sense a little hurt in her voice, but it’s Ashley, soon she’ll bounce back.
We stood rooted on that spot till he reached us.


I swear Ashley practically melts at his voice. His attire, his voice, his looks everything oozing of manliness.
I don’t know what to say, it’s times like these I wish my brain wouldn’t go dumb. Even Ashley is silent.

Please do something stupid, please do, so I can get my voice back.

He smirks and tucks my hair behind my ear.
“How was your day?”

It’s like I closed my eyes and opened it because he seems closer, making it feel like we’re the only two but I can feel Ashley watching us.
His hand is now on my neck, his fingers moving slowly. Oh God!

The fact that we are outside and have an audience doesn’t seem to stop our actions. I’m getting lost in his eyes when Ashley tugs my arm, pulling me back to her.

“Oh, um…this is Ashley, my friend and colleague and Ashley this is…” I sigh.
“This is Jase.” The man currently on my case, I add silently.

I look at her and I know she understands what hasn’t been said.

“Hello” She smiles, bringing out a hand. He smiles in return, shaking her outstretched hand before turning back to me.

“Are you ready?” He asks.
“For what?” I ask back.
“For our dinner date” He gives me a look that says he’s prepared for whatever excuse I might have.

“You have a dinner date and you didn’t tell me!” Ashley hits my arm. It’s painful, I move away from her, throwing her a dirty look. She glares in return, before turning back to smile sweetly at Jase.

“Don’t mind her, of course she didn’t forget and she’s going so she can give me the deets. I want to be blown away.” She demands from him, her eyes narrowing. I watch his brow lift before he smiled.

I’m going to sound cheesy but it felt like the sun, breaking out in the midst of darkness.

“I’ll try my best. Mi, let’s go!”

“Don’t call me that! Only family and close friends call me that!” I almost shout at him.

I’m beginning to feel my anger and I just realised it’s the only way I can stand my ground without tripping all over him.

I turn to Ashley, “What do you mean? I’m dropping you and no one is interrupting our plans!” I say, finishing the last part facing him so he’ll get my message.

“I brought a driver, Ashley. He’s going to drop off her car at home, he can drop you at your stop.”

Ashley is practically beaming. She releases my arm and push me in his direction.
“Take her, enjoy your date!”

“Who do you think you are, making all these plans without my go-ahead?!” I’m sure I’m sputtering, who wouldn’t? He just came and swooped in for the kill.

“Bye Ashley!” He says to her without turning back, still pulling me by the hand.

We get to his car and before I know it, I’m practically thrown against the car and he’s in my face.

“It would do you well to note that I don’t take instructions from or plot with civilians.” He’s all seriousness.

“Second, you are right, I’m not a part of your family or even a close friend, I’m going to become more than that. Maybe another pet name will be appropriate, what do you think?” He asks me, smiling.

I don’t know what to say, I’m staring at him, shock doesn’t even measure what I’m feeling right now.
He’s looking at my lips, he could kiss me right now and I’ll happily go with it.

His eyes darken, his lips draw closer. I’m almost shaking, it’s like I’m a drug addict and my choice of drug is right before me. Suddenly, I want him to kiss me, hell, I’ll kiss him if he continues to tease me. And I do, I reach for him.

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