The Rain



He laid there enjoying how bright and beautiful she smiled

He wished he could touch her face  but she is far away

He laid there gazing just as she stares into his soul smiling

Her smile so bright so yellow so warm

The brightness of her smile made him so hot he starts to sweat

He doesn’t care

He’s getting dehydrated by the heat

He laid there watching her

Praying she smiles at him for longer




While I enjoyed this precious moment

The Devil In Prada blew in seductively

Coming between me and my lover’s view

The devil sways to the music in her head

She steals everyone’s attention

I try to focus on my love but She’s persistent

Destroying everything that stands between me and my love

I try to hold back but her force is too strong

Slowly I give in to her

Letting her take me in her arms slowly




I forgot for a moment my love was watching me keenly

Suddenly I hear the cry of my love

She screamed so loud

Her voice was fire

But it couldn’t break me out from the devil’s arms

She’s hurt

Her bright, yellow, beautiful gradually fades away

She becomes blue

Her warmth gets cold

She’s heart broken



He’s all wrapped in the arms of the devil in prada

She didn’t get to feel his hard rough hands on her skin

The pain hit her so hard

She felt a tear run down her check

She sincerely prayed it would touch him and bring him back to her

But he’s already consumed by Her lust

Another tear followed

She couldn’t hold them back anymore she let it all pour down on him

Once again he has hurt her

Just as always

And now all she had was her tears

She rained it all down on him

Hoping he drowns in her tears for all the pain

3 thoughts on “The Rain” by Aghogho David (@Laurina8)

  1. Yea, really nice piece. More grease to your elbow!

  2. Nice one. Your tenses did conflict in some parts of the poem though. Why do I get the feeling it might be intentional? They were ‘consistently conflicting’

    Good job.

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