The Game Changer

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Yippppppeeeeeeee!!!!!! I had just graduated from the University of Leeds, UK and all I want right now is to have a swell time with no escort and no close monitoring. I finally got my chance as I embark on my NYSC programme. Although my daddy, popsman as I call him, have pulled some strings to get me to serve in Abuja, I have equally convinced him to give me some space; so I got an apartment in town and kept a low profile.

Then the day finally came. We conveyed at the Kubwa NYSC orientation camp Abuja with our white tee on white shorts outfit. I just kept smiling; was excited. So straight to the registration hall then we heard the sound of the whistle “assemble at the parade ground now” the soldier shouted. I dropped my bag in my assigned hall, dumbing my mattress on my bunk, off I went to the parade ground.

“You are all welcome to Kubwa orientation camp. My name is Mrs Afolabi and I am your local government inspector. I shall monitor all your activities throughout your service period. We have some special people in our midst. Miss Genevieve Okojie, daughter of the prestigious oil & gas mogul, Dr Okojie. Please identify yourself”. Damn, this woman just messed up. What happened to keeping a low profile… Gosh…. With so much anger in me, I raised my hand for identification… “No No… you need to come to the front so everyone will see you” Mrs Afolabi insisted… “For goodness sake, what’s this woman’s headache” I muttered and reluctantly went to the front.

Soon enough, the assembly was over. We went back to our various hall… Time passed so soon and I fast became friends with everyone after Mrs Afolabi’ s unnecessary announcement. However, Linda struck me as a different person; she was calm, collected but outspoken. Luckily for me, we were both posted to the same region and so we were at close proximity. Linda was faced with accommodation challenges, so I asked her to move in with me. I lived alone in a two-bedroom apartment so why not.

I and Linda became very good friends, more like sisters. She had told me how life has been unfair to her and how it’s not been easy surviving. I became very close and open to her. One day, her brother came visiting, James… Lawd have mercy… He was drop-dead gorgeous; talk, dark, a hunk, sexy… my kinda man. “You need to meet my best friend James” Linda yelled with joy… “Genevieve, here is my brother, James; James meet Genevieve” … We shook hands and he gave me that smile…. So unforgettable…

James came around often and soon offered to take me out on a dinner date. He was a perfect gentleman. A month later, we were a couple.   Our relationship blossomed; hell, I can’t wait to be his wife. Several months passed and our love grew stronger. One day, I went to pay James a visit and he was sobbing. “Sweetie, what seems to be the problem” I was worried “My business is at the verge of shutting down. You know this agricultural business becomes a problem when pests take over your crops. The Landlord has also asked me to vacate the land. I need to get a land and start over. I had plans to pay a visit to your father in December, how can I actualize that?” Did he just say see my father this December?? I couldn’t think of any other thing…  I was in love… “Sweetie, what do we need?” I quickly asked… “I have six hundred thousand naira but I need three hundred thousand naira to at least start something” James was looking down… He is going to be my husband so why can’t I help him out “Sweetie, I think I can squeeze that out of my savings”. James gave me a big hug, kissed me and swore never to leave or hurt me.

Five months have passed after my first “help” to James and I have ingested another five hundred thousand naira into James “business”. December had also come and gone and the visit to dad keeps getting postponed. I became frustrated, impatient. Service was over already and so Linda retained my apartment while I moved backed to my father’s mansion. I decided to visit my friend turned sister, my would-be sister in law to help me talk to her brother… I just wanted to be James wife. So off I drove, parked outside and walked in… Walking past the bedroom window, I could clearly hear James and Linda giggling. I was shocked. James had told me he was out of town so what the hell was he doing here.

I decided to eavesdrop and I was dumbfounded. “Babe, Genny is a life maga… that girl dey pay wella.” I staggered a bit hearing James talk about me this way. My tall, dark and handsome. “James, no fuck up o… you need to get more money from her before we disappear from this town” Linda retorted… Gosh, have been played. With my learnings and elegance, have been played. I stormed out of the compound thinking of my next line of action. I must get my own pound of flesh.

On getting home, I did a rough estimate of every dime I had given to James, nine hundred thousand gone. It was time to get back at him. I waited patiently. A week later James called “Darling am back to town”, “Welcome” I said in my usual calm and sweet voice. “Come over to my place, I missed you a lot” James invited me over. I was certain he was going to ask for some money so it was time to strike. I hurriedly went over to his place, gave him a kiss and a hug. We talked about his “trip” and just when he wanted to play a fool out of me again, I said “Sweetie, I don’t think ingesting little money into your business will boost it as quickly as possible. We need huge funds, like two million naira and only my popsman can give us that, so I devised a plan”.  James sat up straight “Ok babes, so what’s the plan” James asked. I replied “I want to throw a big party for my popsman, invite his close friends and surprise him with a lil gift. Like a thank you party for putting me through school. I have one million, five hundred thousand naira now but I need one million, five hundred thousand naira to cover for other expenses. You know Dad’s party doesn’t come cheap, can you lend me the rest of the money? I know popsman will give me a cheque of at least five million naira at the end of the day.” James was visibly excited; more money for him. He quickly gave me a hug “Oh my love, you simply the best, I can’t wait to make you my wife. Today is Sunday, when do you plan on hosting the party?” “A week today” I said “So you could transfer the money to my event planner’s account”. I quickly wrote down an account I just opened with another name of course. James immediately transferred 1.5million naira into the account.

Upon confirmation of the transfer, I called one of my Dad’s escort to come over to James place. I told James everything I learnt when I visited Linda. “You took nine hundred thousand naira from me but I got extra six hundred thousand naira from you. No one is gonna make a fool outta me. You think you can play, no way dude, Two can play the game” James looked astonished. Game over. I wore my Louboutin shoes and walked out like the Game changer that I am….


6 thoughts on “The Game Changer” by jessica Ugwuoke (@jessica1128)

  1. You didn’t even consider your broken heart, to me he still won

    1. Thanks for reading

  2. I sort of agree with halfmoon. But in Jessica’s defense, I guess Revenge is sweetest when served cold! Moreso, money sure heals a broken heart faster than time! Nice one Jesse!

    1. Thanks Timothy

  3. Wow!! I just heard about this story on the radio but I decided to read it myself. Just like what you said “two can play the game” but one has to be the master in the game and she proved she’s the master. I just learned something from your story.

    1. thank you Akin.

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