Stop Preaching, Start Saving!!!

God bless that mind that brought together the words that formed the poem Save Us!

One who beats an irritating melody out of a drum, can at least hear the sound with his own very ears too, and he should not be vexed if we refuse to dance. Nobody should start telling us that we would find fish inside the Sardine pack – what else should it have been? The frog keeps boasting; “Look at me.” He says, “I am very bad within, my thoughts are ugly” but anyone who looks at the rigid outward appearance can also tell that the frog cannot have any good thing inside. Who does not know that drinking rich tea and milk very early every morning is good for their health? Or who does not know that the sweet taste of sugar is loved by kids?

So what are you saying when you say that a lazy man would have no food on his table? Who are you telling? And who is listening to you anymore in this world? You join them to say that those who fail to plan have already planned to fail, but then again you forget those who plan and it still fails! For there is really no one on earth who has no plan, save those lying 6fts beneath earth crust. Then before you finish listening to me, you quickly shout “But some people are lazy! They just can’t get their hands to do anything.”

So, I would wait for you to give me a befitting answer when I ask; “Who are those people?” Who are those people you call lazy? Those who have tried everything they can but have recorded zero success? Or those who circumstances would not give the chance to practice what they are good at doing?

The man that speaks proverbs in the house of his in-laws is expected to be the one that would interpret it, and the issue that we avoid letting the Father of the house hear, would still be solved by him in the long run when things get out of hand, so the same you that condemn them to indolence, because they appear to be dormant would still be the same person that must explain the existence of their category in this very competitive world.

Who does not want to be rich? Who does not want to lead? Who does not want to be the best at what they do? Who does not want to be highly honoured anywhere they go to? Then, who does not know that just sitting or lying down somewhere would not achieve anything? Has it not be said that too much words alone cannot bring down coconut from the coconut tree? And even if you doubt – of course no one can doubt that! – Experience, of course, would have taught you as a toddler. We all know that the little baby that runs from fire is not being obedient! So very early in life, we learn some very vital life lessons either we are taught or not.

So, why would you applaud the boy that got an A in physics and neglect the one that makes the class laugh every second! Who set the standard for inferiority? If a fish is told to swim, will it not defeat a monkey at it? And if they are both told to climb trees, does the fish stand a chance?

Don’t shut me up yet, I would soon be done here, you can be sure that your desire to see me leave is nothing compared to mine. It wouldn’t be a waste if I exhaust all the seconds of my life helping those I can, life is too short.

When you sieve rice, the grains that rested at the base of the pot, getting the direct heat of the licking fire would automatically come to be the ones that would stand on top of the other grains in the sieve – and so is life. Those of us who you might call lazy, inconsequential, stupid and irrelevant are the unfortunate few who have not gotten the chance to be in their elements.

So if you are not going to ask for my bank account number, don’t start advising me on how to start business! I know that they say that it is better to teach someone how to fish than to give him fish but who told you that I don’t already know how to? What good does tomorrow hold, if we can’t survive today? Just wait until I get to the point where Success smiles at me, and then you would realize that all we need in life is Success’ smile, all that made you the adviser today is Success’ smile.

We have enough teachers already. Please stop teaching, start helping!! We have enough preachers already, Stop preaching! Start acting! We have enough helpless people today, STOP CRITICIZING, START SOLVING!!!

4 thoughts on “Stop Preaching, Start Saving!!!” by Levuz (@Levuz)

  1. I liked the message. Good one.
    But I believe just like the rice grains at the bottom of the pot getting heated on time and finally being the one on top, the ones not in their element(no one is born unfortunate) are like those rice grains and our situation like the fire, heating us up for our purpose in the world!
    More grease to your elbow!

  2. Nice one. Deep.

  3. @Vanessa, Yes ma’am, such fire heats us up for better.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. Thanks a lot.
    Meanwhile, the Poem Save Us, by Chikaleaks can be read here – written by @chikathrill

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