Stagger In Pain


The world has dealt me a heavy blow

The wind has blown off my rooftop

The storm has struck my tiny body

And now I stagger in pain


In my mind’s eyes, I deserve to be loved

In the real world, I feel no love

No, I have no love

And now I stagger in Pain


I feel the weight of the world on my tiny shoulders

Oh Mother, where are thou

You lay cold beneath the earth

And now I stagger in pain


Once again, the unseen being has struck

Oh Father, Oh brother, Oh Sister

The ground have swallowed them

And now I stagger in pain


I look up to the hills,

My back is broken; my shoulder can’t take it anymore

He says He is all seeing,

Yet, I stagger in Pain


Like Job, I no longer hope

I await the ground to swallow me too

I just wait patiently

While I stagger in Pain

6 thoughts on “Stagger In Pain” by jessica Ugwuoke (@jessica1128)

  1. Ooooo dear.
    This is a really sad situation…and until we get to HEAVEN, we can’t stop sad things from happening.
    We can always have consolation however, in understanding that times do change.

  2. A very sad one!
    I believe pain is natural and just that it varies and anyone who says pain doesn’t exist is selling something; a lie.

  3. Pain is meant to give you a different perspective and sway you to your destined path. You just have to be brave enough to see beyond the pain. And it’s easier said… Nice one though.

  4. @levuz @fikayo @efiokbrythe thanks for reading

  5. Really touching. I remember someone thanking God for being able to feel pain but I know lives are different.
    Despite pain, the best people never give up!

    1. Thank you for reading @vanessa

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