Oghogho – The Prayer Warrior

My name na Oghogho,and I love life. Life sef love me. We be paddy. I be born again and I love God. Jesus na my saviour,oh my Jesus. I love my Jesus and I love my bible.

My church na powerful church, we get swagger. We turn up,we run things for this town,things don’t run us. Oyinbo man go say “we are bad like that”. We bad. And that is why people dey rush come for our church. God dey work for our church well-well. Anybody wey come our church for the first time no dey go anywhere again. Dem go stay gidigba, like Zuma rock;like me. The first day wey I enter our church, I know gree go back to my house again.

I wan sleep for church. But the security man tell me say make I go my house.But I tell am say,me I nor go anywhere .Say church don become my house,yes o. They push me tire! They push and push, until one of them carry me. Chai.

” no be God house be this, i beg leave me’

Yes na God house, no be your house,go build your own.’

True-true, i build my house.After 5years of holding Baba God for trouser.Yes, my story pass banbiala bartimaeus own.

You need to see me when I dey pray.Demons dey run! If I dey come like this,them go pass the other side.E easy to be child of God? Na we dey run things. Some pepo dey claim born again,but common to pray for themselves make headache go, na lie. Dem go dey form Okpete.

As a child of God,I belong to plenty department for my church.Yes, I tell una say, I love my church,no be lie.
The first department wey I join na Choir! When I sing,healing dey shele.

I remember one Sunday wey we dey sing our special number for the first service. My choir master put me for back up.
When song start, like this, I begin dey chop mouth.
When he reach the part wey I go sing solo,congregation wait tire o.Dem wait well well.Because I dey sing,song no gree come out.Dem dey see my mouth dey move,but nothing, nothing.

The choir conductor dey give me sign, “Sing Oghogho, sing”. For where? I continue my mime.
When we manage sing the song finish,Choir director come ask me say wetin happen.I tell am say dem switch off my microphone. For where? I join choir because I love God, I nor join to come please man. As far as God see for my heart say I dey worship am inside my heart. Wetin concern me concern people,wetin concern congregation. For this christian walker,Na heart matter pass.

At the same time wey I dey for choir,I dey Ushering department too. But wetin my eyes see for ushers ehn,no be wetin my mouth fit talk finish.
I think say usher work easy,my brother and sister,e nor easy at all. All the fine girls wey u dey see wey dey smile to you for church,no be joke o.

The first day wey I stand to smile, I sleep o. You don see ushers dey sleep before?Na me break the record.If you see any usher,I beg you greet dem well o,e nor easy o. Greet dem well-well. Na me talk am.

I come join prayer team.Haha.This one na craze,correct craze. Na we dey do opening prayer for church. I dey wait for the day wey he go reach my turn to lead prayer.Dem go take!!! E nor tey sha, before 2 weeks, my HOD tell me three days before Sunday say,na me go lead the prayer. I nor too shout, I just thank am,go my way.For my mind, I dey happy no be small.

From that day,I enter fasting.I fast for three days, church no be place wey you go just climb altar to lead prayer.You must cook yourself well-well. So that when you go climb altar, altar go know say person climb am.

And na so e be the day wey I climb. 10minutes naim dem give for opening prayer.When dem give me the microphone I first cry.
I cry for nearly 5minute, then i begin dey run up and down on top altar… I dey run.I run go,I run come,I jump up,i jump down.i roll for ground because God is good.
By the time i wan start prayer, pastor don ready to preach. Na so dem collect the microphone for my hand. Smh.

Anyway, we still thank God say we see microphone collect,some pepo nor dey smell microphone for that church. After that day, dem nor gree give me microphone again.
I nor understand pepo,so person cannot worship him God again before he start prayer again?
Na wa for pepo o.na wa. Church people sef.
Anyway, me I nor give up.I nor give up at all.I go still hold dat microphone again.Yes,I go hold am.Shebi na me, Oghogho.My God is good.
I am a prayer warrior o,some pepo go just dey doubt.I nor understand all these people sef.After that day,pepo just dey look me one kind.
Well, my God nor go look me one kind. Oyinbo go say “He loves me”. Yes o. Wetin come happen another day come make me know say true-true my “God love me”.

After our anniversary programme for church,the guest minister don preach finish. Our General Overseer come announce say him go host all the workers later for that evening.
No be small thing.For evening when everybody don sidon finish, naim my pastor give the guest minister microphone make him pray for the food. Naim the man say him notice one man during the programme wey dey work up and down. Say him like the spirit of the brother.Naim him point to me for where I sidon make I come pray for the food.
No be small honour be that o.

Na so I carry microphone,close my eyes.
I say in Jesus name,everybody say amen.
Na the last thing wey I remember be dat.
Because by the time I pray finish,open my eyes, dem don finish their food, dey look me like locozade.You think say e easy to be prayer warrior? I say I dey pray, na we get prayer. Na we.

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  1. Lolz!! It is funny but I can get the message very well. I can feel the zeal of that man, but wisdom is required sometimes, the spirit of the man is subject to the man.

  2. Lol, that was nice actually, e no easy to be all what u mentioned

    This is really good! It was funny and I didn’t want it to end.
    Upon the way you tell your story, we receive the message clear-clear.

    Good job!

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