When love hit me [Chapter 2]

PhotoGrid_1467390983075Time flew and it was already evening, I was famished so I and Zack headed to the cafeteria to get something to eat. On our way we met white faces staring at us like we were mirrors or something, it was getting too obnoxious at a point that we just fastened our footsteps and hurried to the cafeteria on getting there we were treated rather harshly and I was so disappointed so was zack, this was one of the reasons I didn’t even want to school in “LONDON”, “RACISM” I got so angry that I left the restaurant alongside zack I was even in the mood to eat a local Nigerian Dish so we headed to the nearest Nigerian restaurant. It was about 1000 meters from where we were so I waved for a cab and we headed for “Iya basirat” I was already salivating for the Nigerian dish in the cab, we got there in 4 mins I paid the cabbie and we headed to the brightly painted and alluring façade of the building. Inside felt like home I saw smiling faces unlike the ones at the British cafeteria. I and Zack looked for an empty table as the place was filled with black people and I was sure mostly Nigerians, we found a suitable spot and sat down within two mins, surprisingly a white Caucasian female came to our table to take our orders, she was unsurprisingly good looking I ordered for pounded yam and egusi soup with 2 well-dressed chickens as I was really famished, Zack ordered for Amala and ogbono soup with assorted fishes, the hot waitress carried our orders to kitchen and in 2 mins our order was coming but with a different waiter, we were served I couldn’t even wait I almost forgot to wash my hands. I devoured on the Pounded yam like a Lion devouring its prey but zack was now forming cos of some girls where beside us and in my mind I was like “YOU BASTARD IS IT NOT YOU THAT WAS ALMOST CRYING FOR FOOD NOW YOU SAW BABE YOU ARE NOW FORMING OLOSHI (Fool)  ”. Within five minutes I had voraciously brought the heap of pounded yam to level ground, I was even sweating a lil bit I enjoyed every lil bit of the food, as they say “there is no place like home” I waited another six mins before zack finished his food, the girls had already left though, I signaled one of the waiters and he brought our bill this time zack paid and we left headed back to our dormitory.
Back at the dormitory we awaited our final roommates to join us which were Kelvin (Ayomide) and Tayo, best thing that happened to all of us that we were all High school mates. We had already formed a clique raising eyebrows here and there, them whites be looking at us like we were Bibles. Kelvin arrived almost simultaneously with Tayo, because we weren’t girls we didn’t embrace each other we just did what guys did, we just hit each other playfully and laughed then we started sharing our past experiences and started reminiscing on them mostly about High school, remembering the times we were in trouble and the jolly moments we had. I was glad by fate we were back together in the same college one of the rarest things that ever happened to high school mates back in Nigeria.
It was past 11pm so we all retired to bed but somewhat how I couldn’t sleep, I was really excited to be with them again I thought of different stuffs, I started remembering girls in High school, The Slutty ones, beautiful ones, the facially deformed ones, the Snobbish ones, the holy holy ones, the brilliant ones, the lukewarm ones, the stupid ones before I knew what was happening I had already drifted into dreamland.
I was awoken by the loud music almost close to my ear, while still doused in sleep couldn’t quite pick out the song until I heard Kanye’s Voice it was actually #FourFiveSeconds, I opened my eyes and surprisingly it was Daniel another of my high school mates I was madly happy mehn. We exchanged pleasantries like normal boys did, the joy in my heart was too much cos it was all like a dream for me and my niggas to be back in the same hood, it was fate that decided that.
The morning went real fast and I headed to the bathroom to do my business, took a quick bath and me and my guys set out for the day. We were all actually famished well apart from Tayo so we trekked to the McDonalds™ restaurant almost adjacent our dormitory, pop music from Bruno Mars (uptown funk) filled the air, it was coming from a junkie’s condo nearby. We made our way through the double swing door into the lovely restaurant, looked for a table that was not taken and made our way to the table. I looked at their menu and ordered for something not too heavy, I ordered for two hamburgers and a cold vanilla flavored smoothie everyone apart from Tayo ordered the same thing, Tayo just ordered for coffee and a sandwich we were all engrossed with our discussions and of course the delicious meal that was served that we didn’t even notice this beautiful chic that just passed us, it was later Zack tapped my shoulder and showed me the girl and Daniel was like damnnn that chic’s pretty, we were all daring ourselves to go up to the girl and say Hi but we were just using words no one could actually take action sadly. We all sat there until one of the waiters came to excuse us out of the restaurant as we were about leaving the girl finished her meal and stood up, then I recognized her face, kelvin was trynna impress the chic by being a gentleman so he opened the door for her, she didn’t even look at him she just said thank You, me and the other guys laughed our asses out so did kelvin too jokingly.
Since school was to resume in a weeks’ time we still had time to play around, party and do crazy teenage stuffs and hangout!


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