Food is Ready, Come and Eat….

Come and eat, we often call out to friends whenever its meal time. But I make bold to say that in most cases, that expression is expressed not to honestly summon you, but only to fall in line with that moral etiquette required of us while we eat around these part of the universe, so we don’t come off as mean. Because deep down the hearts of some of us, it is actually the opposite. ‘Do not come’ is actually what we mean. As a matter of fact, the last thing some of us will be needing during munching is someone springing up from out of nowhere to downsize our ration of food especially when the meal is toothsome and small. A quite number of ua likes afooada

The tendency of getting a ‘No, thank you’ as an expected response from the invited, is almost guaranteed. That is the basis why we feel safe when we invite people to come join us each time we are breaking bread. But sometimes, it turns sour when eventually an invited friend who might be hungry or out of fun decides to join the dinning table. That is when you witness the vagaries of human emotion, that is when you know if earnestly they meant their earlier invitation. You notice them acting all weird and petulant. Make a mistake of a spoonfull pile and he will go harsh on you. ”Haba! Guy. You wan finish the food?!” An incident today left me laughing hard until tears stood in my twinkling eyes.

A free spirited friend of mine who was very hungry this afternoon, became cheery as soon as he was served launch. At the sight of his food, he licked his lips in excitement, cowered right into his favourite corner in that hungry mode and slowly descended on the well served delicious steaming blend of roasted ripe plantain and beans when one of his close friend accidentally walked right into the scene. ‘Nwanne bia rie nri-Bros come and eat’ the guy eating, casually called out to his friend who had just walked in. Keenly, I observed from where I sat as the invited friend’s face beamed with smile and without further hesitation, he inched closer to his eating friend and sat down, eagerly waiting for his turn to dig in. And my eating friend just froze in disappointment, his face instantly loosing all expression. Never was he expecting his invited friend to just give a nod to his invitation. Casually, he had said that so he won’t be regarded as someone who is withholding when it come to food. Petulantly, he handed the spoon over to his friend and watched helplessly as his piled plate of sweet grub was downsized with just two spoonful. I searched his face and could almost feel his face spitting hate as he watched his unforgiving friend work the spoon in and out of his mouth. I felt so sorry for him. He was only trying to be nice but ended up just where he started. Hungry.

Bet you have heard this well worn expression on numerous count. ‘That a man who is hungry is liable to anger’. Just like a very starved dog trying to concentrate on his meal, a lot of us become unecessarily tetchy that very minute our meal is ready. You see them radiate irritation when they see a potential threat close in. And if you are smart enough, you could tell by their bearing or maybe facial expression that you are not welcomed at that very moment.

That brings me to this. Why do we often times find it beyond ourselves to say no when necessary? The small portion of food is obviously glaring at you. A portion that will barely gauge you let alone enough to nourish the worms on your inside, yet you are putting out invitations. Why won’t I accept and wait my turn to scoop if I am invited? That is why I admire Eric. He is in the circle of a particular batch of people who tells it like it is. They boldly shoot straight with you. This is mostly predominant amongst the guys. You see a guy, hungrily attacking a delicacy with intense dedication and when he sees a threat come into the picture, he plays mute and continues his eating exercise. Failing to recognize you. Then if you decide to get into the picture, you will be stunned at his curt feed back depending on his choice of word. ”Guy, NO!!. Annoying right? But you dont have to blame or spite them, do you? Such set of people are pragmatic and are only looking out for number one. Inviting you is no prob

While some of us would readily invite you over to come join us when its meal time, a few number would rather engage their smartness. As soon they see you walk past them while they are at it, they will hit you first with that annoying line even before you know it. Line like ‘Ka’m mee ka imere-Let me do just like you did’ which automatically keeps them on a safe side. Even when they know you have not recharged the worms on your inside yet. Yes, it has that joshing tone to it but funnily enough, they meant it. They ain’t letting you in on their meal until they have had their fill even though their plate weighs heavy and you yawn repeatedly like a starved dog. Someone just asked me where I belong. Well, you will have to fnd out for yourself. I might just surprise you. But one thing is of certainty, I have an inordinate love for grubs. #Abu’m onye NRI!

Where do you belong??

3 thoughts on “Food is Ready, Come and Eat….” by cojones (@dekaiser)

  1. There are people who are willing to share each time they make that call, ‘come and eat’.

    I guess the ‘come and eat’ invitation is just our way of showing how hospitable we are–feigned or real, it does not matter. Though, I don’t adhere strictly to that tradition; sometimes I make that invitation only when I’m willing to share.

  2. For me, I’ve grown very fond of people intruding in the affairs of my food and I (especially at school), so, I already reserve the notion that if I’m eating before friends, then it is not my food alone, no matter how small. Fate, I guess.
    Nice piece.

  3. Levuz is nice. I love food so I’ll keep eating and won’t even invite you unless I know you haven’t eaten too.

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